Friday, April 1, 2011

Foodie Friday-The Earl of Sandwich

Our vacation began this year with a trip to Downtown Disney.  We were on 2 missions: find food and find Dumbo.  I'll come back to Dumbo in a moment!  We stumbled on one of the best dinners we had on our entire trip that night.  First, we tried (like fools) to go to Rainforest Cafe without a reservation.  We learned there was a 2 hour wait, so we tried another restauraunt that had a 50 minute wait.  It was an hour past Piper's dinnertime and she wasn't waiting. 

So, we walked into the Earl of Sandwich.  The line snaked through the restaurant; it looked like we were waiting for Peter Pan or something!  The line only took 15 minutes, and when we reached the counter, we placed our order.  David got a meatball sub with broccoli cheese soup and I got the club with chicken noodle soup and a fruit cup to share with Piper.  The subs came on Artisan bread, and the soup was delicious!  We all left there full and satisfied.  It was one of those meals where everyone is saying, "Mmmm" after each bite.  We even tried each other's food.  Grammy & PaPa ordered chocolate cake for dessert.  It was a piece big enough for 3 of us to eat off of.  We ate at a table outside, under the night sky while listening to the Disney music that was playing in the background.  I don't usually order soup and sandwich, but this place made it a great choice!  They have about 12 different sandwiches and maybe 4 soups. 

Unfortunately, when you're trying to feed a hungry child, you don't remember to take pictures, so I have no pics of that delicious food. :(

We also accomplished the Dumbo mission!  Grammy wanted to find Piper a stuffed Dumbo, and she found him at World of Disney!  That store is immense!!!  Piper loves her Dumbo, and sleeps with him every night.  She has full on conversations with him in her bed, too.  I love this age!

See ya real soon!

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  1. We ate at the Earl of Sandwich for the first time last week too! It was the best sub sandwich I've ever had - hands down. We didn't get soup or anything else, but the sandwich itself was delicious.