Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hidden Treasures - Laughing Place!

You may remember reading about the Laughing Place in a previous Thursday with Mel, but I wanted to cover it in a little more detail (meaning with my own pictures!).

The Laughing Place is a little covered play area for young children located by the exit to Splash Mountain in Frontierland.  I remembered passing this area last June, but at 6 months, Noah was too little to need to run around and burn off steam.  Luckily, I remembered seeing it in January, when he had more than enough energy to run around!     

Similar to the play area, Toon Park, that will surely be missed, this is an amazing haven for parents of young children.  Being cooped up in strollers all day, even in between rides, can take a toll on the little ones!  I know Noah, in particular, hates being contained, and while he handles it much better at Walt Disney World than he does at the mall, he still much prefers to walk on his own and run around when possible.

Though we didn't ride Splash Mountain because it was being renovated - they were adding the lap bars - we didn't really miss the ride!  It was cold, anyways, so the idea of getting wet didn't really appeal to me very much!  But, even with the ride down, the Laughin' Place as available.  And, even before we made our way down to the play area, they had a Cast Member set up with coloring activities, probably entertaining children while their parents rode on Big Thunder!  Noah still only chews on crayons, so we didn't stop, but I loved that Disney had this option available!

I hope you a couple more pics of all of us running around the Laughing Place!

My boys!

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