Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Travel Planning!

This weekend, we're heading down to the warm state of Florida to visit with family.  Unlike my past... I have absolutely no idea how many.. trips to Florida, we will be staying in the lower half of the state and not heading up to visit with Mickey.  Also different?  Instead of Noah being a lap child, as allowed for the first 2 years, Noah is getting his own seat.  

This was totally our option.  He's only 16 months and can legally stay as a lap child without paying for a seat until he's 2, so why would we consider this a reasonable option?  Several reasons.  All hopes, of course.  This may be a complete failure, but at least we'll have tried!

  • He'll be in his own car seat, hopefully more comfortable than sitting on our laps for 2.5 hours
  • Having his own seat and area, he'll be able to watch his own tv (Jet Blue!) or whichever dvd we decide to show him
  • We will have our own seats
  • We won't be forced to chase after him for the duration of the flight.  In January, he wanted to run around.  We don't generally have that issue in the car, especially if Cars or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is playing. 
  • Safety, safety, safety.   While not mandated, it is much safer for all of us.   In case something happens, or even for turbulence, he'll be buckled in so the crazy images that LOST put in my head of people flying to the top of the plane can be put to rest. 
I have a crazy car seat carrier backpack which I bought on Amazon (but since have seen some at TJ Maxx and/or Marshalls), so I'll look a little crazy carrying that darn thing through the airport, but for our situation, we think it's a good idea.

Now, I'd love some advice from my readers!  Any other suggestions on flying with toddlers?  Have you flown with a toddler in their own seat?  In the car seat or just on the seat?  This will be Noah's 4th round trip flight, so we're getting some practice, but I always love tips and comments!  Especially if you've ever installed a car seat to a plane seat...

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  1. We have flown with our kids at all ages. We haven't used car seats on the planes because our trips just happen to hit when they were either lap babies or can sit on their own. When our kids were Noah's age, we had the same issue as you - they want to run. I wish we had brought a car seat, particularly for Hayley when she was two because she just wanted to explore the plane. We heard the entire trip, what's that? what's that? :-) And each time she asked, she attempted to make her way to what she was pointing at.

  2. Afraid I can't offer much by way of advice... This will be the first time either of my children have flown. My son is two and will have his own seat. We're thinking of not doing the car seat, because aside from on the plane, he won't be using it once we get to Disney. What do you think? Is that a bad idea?

  3. Beth - I can't imagine flying with more than 1. You are either a natural multi-tasker, or have adjusted SO well.

    Bird - you definitely won't need the car seat at Disney, but you might want to look into the CARES harness.. I've heard amazing things about it and I'm tempted to get one for this weekend... check out amazon for reviews!

  4. I won't be much help but look forward to anyone's input. We will be flying to Disney in 3 weeks from today and my Son is 22 months old. We did buy him his own seat and we are going to take a car seat. I'm going to have hubby empty out his ice hockey bag to carry the car seat in.

  5. This is my first time flying with both of my children ages 1 and 9. We are surprising them with a trip to WDW for their birthdays (both June 18th) My concern is what do we do with car seat once we get to disney. We want the baby in it while in the taxi, but we cant just leave it in there and i really don't want to carry it all through out the theme parks. We rented a condo so there is no shuttle service. HELP! I need opinions, do i just not bring it?

  6. Jenny - I posted an article just for you! Make sure to check the main page. Please let me know if you've seen it and need more help!