Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beyond the America Pavilian

I frequently hear people mentioning the "musical" element of the American Pavilion in EPCOT.  If you've seen the show, you'll know what I'm talking about.  A small colonial fife and drum corp performs frequently in front of the pavilion.
Complete with a hidden mickey on the drum, this group of only 4 musicians and a flag carrier form typical military formations and perform standard songs, such as "Yankee Doodle Dandy," and "G-d Bless America."  I've often heard people relate these musicians to the fife and drum component at Colonial Williamsburg, but I wanted to share with you something that many of you probably don't know exist:
Photo courtesy of the FDC Website

The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp., of the 3rd US Infantry Regiment "The Old Guard" (commonly known among us military types - FDC) performs frequently at the White House and around the National Capitol Region.  The majority of these soldiers are musician first soldiers, college trained professional musicians.  Auditioning to win their positions and considered one of the top 4 elite musical elements in the U.S. Army. 

I've seen them perform numerous times, as along with my band (for those of you that don't know, I'm a professional band geek as well), we perform at the same events.  The FDC represents the musicians of the Continental Army, with hats and wigs and all.  The play the same standards that the group at EPCOT plays, but too many more to name.  

So, the old time tradition isn't just continued in Colonial Williamsburg - it's also continued in the Army.  Now, you're in the know!

Check out their website or search for them on youtube to see them in action!


  1. That's so interesting! I really enjoy the fife and drum at Epcot. DS was in the Valley Forge Military Academy marching band so I guess that makes us band geek parents:P

  2. We missed the fife and drum at Epcot on our last visit but they are one of my favorites. To be able to see the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp in person would be amazing.

  3. I loved your article on the American Pavilion -It is truly a special place and the music is great. I love the hidden Mickey on the drum.. They are everywhere