Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Minute Planning!

As I mentioned last week, we just planned a spur of the moment-esque trip to Walt Disney World.  This came from a sudden lack of plans and a free week mid-June, not to mention lots of possible discounts.

So, when my husband realized he had a free week, we got to thinking "Where can we go?"

At first, we toyed with the idea of a 2 person trip - a trip to the grandparents for Noah, and a nice weekend away for mommy and daddy.  But, the grandparents had plans, so we started looking for ways to incorporate Noah.  First, we started seriously considering Disneyland.  We quickly realized that with the flight prices, lengths, times, commute from the airport, lack of available DL resorts, and several other negative factors, we decided against Disneyland.

Then, Adam started looking up short cruises and found the Disney Magic leaving from NY for a 2 night trip.  He was very sad when I pointed out that was a 2012 itinerary.

We scanned our options - we're not out-doorsy camping people, Adam doesn't like sand and I don't think the beach would be relaxing at all with Noah.  We couldn't find any short cruises in our time frame available.  We had originally talked about driving to Niagara Falls, but now with the passport regulations, Noah would have to have a valid passport and 3 weeks just isn't enough time to get that settled.  That rules out the Bahamas, something like Atlantis, as well.  So, we decided on our usual favorite - Walt Disney World.

Our first step was to contact a travel agent - I used my friend Chris, a fellow writer for Chip and Company and also a great travel agent for Pixie Vacations.  She quickly priced out the discounts around the price range I had suggested and gave us our options.  As my husband often does, he picked the most exciting, so Grand Floridian here we come!  And, with that, comes our first experience with the Magical Express.  Finally, no car rental, no dealing with luggage, just a nice, relaxed (hopefully) trip!

We went to our standard - Jet Blue for cheap flights.  We actually had to upgrade (so sad, right?) to the extra legroom seats so we could all sit together.  Booking so close to the end gave us great deals, but not having many options for seats!  So, for an amazing price, we booked 3 plane tickets to MCO for June!

Now, I'm onto getting ready.  Making ADR's - yes, 3 weeks out there are plenty of options.  I'm also officially splurging on the CARES - aviation harness.  I've heard from friends and read reviews that it's amazing and a lifesaver.  And, a backsaver, as I won't have to cart the toddler car seat thru the airport!   I'm also revisiting Pursuing the Magic's in flight entertainment recommendations and stocking up on cheap and new travel toys on

Getting excited!  Do you think we're nuts planning a trip so soon?

Next, real shopping!  Time to invest in a new suitcase

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  1. I am so excited for you! I am hoping to get another In Flight Fun post up today before our our Memorial Day Weekend get together - thank you for mentioning them! I look forward to seeing what you get for ADRs, with the new online system, it is so easy to keep checking in for availability!