Monday, May 16, 2011

Ride Time - Dumbo!

Marathon Monday, our first day in the Magic Kingdom on our 2011 trip, we were so happy to see NO lines.  Though we missed the rope drop, we walked right in at the same time, and headed immediately to Fantasyland.  So much different with a kid!  No more mad dash to Tomorrowland, for fastpasses to Space Mountain or Buzz Lightyear.  Instead, we headed directly to Peter Pan, through the rest of Fantasyland, and onto Dumbo.    

Dumbo, even nearly an hour ofter the park opened, had only a 10 minute wait.  Gotta love post-Disney marathon crowds!

Though Adam wasn't too thrilled to ride, he's neither a fan of heights nor going in a circle, he wanted to be with Noah on his first flight.  And luckily, Ruth was standing nearby with her camera in hand to capture the moment!

Noah currently loves making an elephant sound (basically, he blows a rasberry, but it's darn cute!), but has only seen a few minutes of Dumbo.  He was fairly indifferent to the ride itself.  Definitely not his favorite (Journey into Imagination) but he wasn't afraid (like on Peter Pan or Toy Story Midway Mania).

Maybe when he's 2 and has seen more of Dumbo, he'll be more interested, but for a 1 year old, apathy is better than crying!

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