Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Trip with Kids

Recently, a coworker mentioned that she would be traveling with her husband and 2 young children (3/5) to Orlando on their way to a cruise leaving out of Port Canaveral.  Though not a Disney Cruise, they were still considering going a day early to take her boys to Walt Disney World for one day.
Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
The first thing I did? I asked her the date and pulled up Touring Plans Lines - the app for my phone.  I feel like an advertisement for them these days - I promise, I'm most likely not on their radar, but thanks to Chip and Co., I've had the opportunity to test out Touring Plans and the app.  Anyways- I immediately checked the crowd calender - literally - a calender updated regularly and based on statistics (I play clarinet, don't ask details!) that shares how crowded the parks will most likely be. 

Without good news, I told her they would be fairly crowded - over an 8 (out of 10).  Glad it's her and not me!  But, I recommended that she check out touring plans for the their actual plan on "how to tour the parks with small children during holidays" to figure out how to get the most out of their day in the park!

My tips for newbies:
  • Bring strollers.  Though her boys are 3 and 5, with all that walking, they most likely wouldn't last very long and I'd bet they may even take naps if they're in their strollers long enough!
  • Especially for 1 day - Get there around an hour before the park opens for Rope Drop!
  • Head directly to Fantasyland.  Ignore the E-ticket rides.  Those can be attempted with fast passes later.  But, if you get to Fantasyland early enough, you can ride several of the attractions before the lines get too long!
  • Don't over plan!  My friend likes to over plan, which can be great for long trips, but for 1 day, you may get your hopes up and miss things, just based on the reality of touring in crowds.  If you're their for one day, get their early, and stay as long as you're having fun!  Stop when you're hungry, break when you're tired, and enjoy the magic while you can.
I hope these tips help her and maybe even some of you!


  1. Good tips....I always try to do the opposite of what the rest of the crowd is doing. One time recently we were at MK just after open and instead of heading to one of the Mountains, we got on the PeopleMover:)

  2. Great tips! I plan on using most of those for our 6 day trip in October. We'll except for heading to Fantasyland first thing only because we have an early reservation for Belle's first hair cut at Harmony Barber Shop.

  3. Great tips! I use Touring Plans too...just got my first Smartphone so I will need that Ap!