Friday, June 3, 2011

Is That My Stroller?

If you've ever been to Disney with a stroller, you've probably seemed the masses of strollers.  Rows and rows in the stroller parking areas and you'll often look for your stroller and find it several rows over from where you've left it.  In February, Mel gave a few of her suggestions for making the stroller area a little easier to get through.

I've got another option!  Since I highly doubt that Disney will add variety to their rentals, and even my own personal stroller is a very standard blue umbrella stroller, I like to add decorations to mine!
For our joint trip with Melissa's family last June, she scrapped up this adorable 12 x 12 page for us.  Put in a 12 x 12 scrap page and tied on with a string, this made it really easy to pick our stroller out of the crowd!  Plus, once we got back and started scrapbooking, this became a ready made page!

For our marathon weekend trip, I left this one in the album and created a new one:
And luckily, I'm so far behind scrapbooking, that this one is still ready to go for our upcoming trip!  

One helpful tip - bring an extra plastic cover with extra ribbon: our first one tore and we didn't have backup, and our only identifying option was the hot pink airplane check tag.  Still helpful, but not nearly as much fun!


  1. Awesome idea!! I'm definitely going to do this!

  2. Great tip! I have a big double stroller (front back style) that is rather common. I will need to be creative and follow your advice! :)