Monday, June 6, 2011

Just. 6. More. Days.

With a trip right around the corner, you can imagine that my mind is in a Disney fury!

I've been stocking up on trip essentials, snagging last minute ADR's, and checking Touring on a regular basis to check updates of the crowd calender.  We're going to head to one of the parks the day we arrive, but as I just noticed yesterday, Touring Plans predicts EPCOT to be at a 0.6 crowd (under 1? in JUNE? in.), so I think we'll head there first and try to find something around the World Showcase to eat last minute.
A few months ago, a friend (Ruth, who joined us in January for a day) sent me a picture of a great Mickey Mouse suitcase that she found at TJ Maxx.  After searching every TJ Maxx and Marshalls I could find, I finally found them!  I bought the medium-sized of the style shown above on Friday!  So cute, right?  And, seemingly very quality.  They rolled better than others for the same price, and it was just too awesome to pass up.
On Friday, we also received our tickets and bag tickets for Disney's Magical Express!  I'm not sure exactly what to expect - Melissa has shared that we shouldn't wait long at all for our bus and since they come so frequently, probably won't take that long to make it to our resort.  But, we'll see!  I'm expecting 1.5- 2 hours after we land, but I'd love to see the Grand Floridian only an hour after landing.

I won't be online much during this trip, but I'll try to occasionally post pics or updates on our facebook page!

I'd also like to thank all of our new followers, both here on google friend connect and over at facebook and twitter (@disneybabiesblg)!  A big blog congratulations to Beth G. and Kat for winning our mug giveaways!  Hopefully we'll host another giveaway soon.  Thanks to everyone for entering!

Have a magical day!


  1. I love your suitcase. Have a great trip! :o)

  2. I am so excited for you! Always a good sign when Touring Plans has the crowd calendar at less than 1!!!

  3. That suitcase is so adorable! Hope you have a magical trip!

  4. Okay I am off to TJ Maxx right now!! Love them!!

  5. Please -- do NOT let my wife see these suitcases! :)

  6. That luggage is adorable! It would be very hard to resist :)

  7. I heart your luggage! I have a red small hard-side carry-on with Mickey stickers on it . . . not quite the same!

  8. The luggage is great! I always covet the cute suitcases on as well (with a coupon code of course!) but haven't broke down yet. Have a great trip! Don't forget to pack smart for your magical express....keep everything you need with you, don't pack it away in your suitcase!