Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reader Questions - Car Seat or No Car Seat?

I just received this question from Disney Babies Blog reader, Jenny!

This is my first time flying with both of my children ages 1 and 9. We are surprising them with a trip to WDW for their birthdays (both June 18th) My concern is what do we do with car seat once we get to disney. We want the baby in it while in the taxi, but we cant just leave it in there and i really don't want to carry it all through out the theme parks. We rented a condo so there is no shuttle service. HELP! I need opinions, do i just not bring it?

Jenny, if you're staying off property, I would highly recommend renting a car.  For the same price (or maybe even less) than taking cabs both ways each day, you can have your own car - no waiting for someone else to pick you up.  

Unfortunately, it is state law in Florida that all children under the age of 5 are in a car seat, and under 1 reverse facing.  So, even in a taxi, you would have to have a car seat.  You may be able to request a car seat from specific companies, but that would take even more time to wait for one to become available and with a 1 year old, time is usually precious!  The lockers in the parks won't be to store a car seat, but if your child is still in a carrier and is comfortable in that, you could always use that in a stroller (if you have one of those) in the parks.  Again, not my strongest recommendation, but a possibility.

My thought is if you're staying on property, you can leave the car seats at home - car seats aren't required on buses.  But, once you're off and don't have that transportation, you'll need your own car, especially at a condo.  Even the hotels that offer occasional transportation isn't convenient enough with little ones.  

I hope this helps!  Please let me know if this helps or if I can help you brainstorm other ideas!

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  1. If I were staying off property I would definitely rent a car. Does the baby have his or her own seat on the plane? If so, def bring your own carseat.