Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running Update!

It's over 5 months since my 1st half marathon - my Disney half marathon!

But, I can now officially say I've completed TWO half marathons!

With a time of 2:34:04, I finished the Virginia Wine Country half marathon!

Though not Donald Duck, the medal had a rubber face with the image above - and also seconds as a wine bottle stopper!  Pretty darn cool, I have to say!  And, even though we weren't running through the happiest place on earth, the views were quite breathtaking beautiful!
But, I do have to admit one thing - running a half marathon isn't nearly as enjoyable without stopping to meet my favorite characters!

My next scheduled race: The Annual Army 10-miler in October, with the WDW Half Marathon 2012 scheduled as well! 


  1. So cool... maybe I'll walk a half-neighborhood tomorrow! I need motivation.

  2. I believe my brother and sister-in-law are running in that one, too! Have fun!