Friday, June 24, 2011

Starting Early

One of best reasons to stay on property is for Extra Magic Hours.  And, though I am not opposed by any means to staying off property, we absolutely take advantage of the EMH when we have the chance.

Of course, with an 18 month old, we rise bright and early, so reaching the parks for the Morning Rope Drop isn't as challenging as I'm guessing it would be with teenagers.

So, our first full day, we set the alarm Noah woke up before our alarm - 2 hours before our alarm - and could see us in the room, which meant he was not going back to sleep.  We started our Monday at 4:30 a.m.  Of course, this made our trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom that much easier.  We had a relaxed breakfast at the Gasparilla Grill (the counter service at the Grand Floridian Resort) and made our way to the bus stop.

Unfortunately, they didn't do a morning show for us, so we headed straight for the Kilimanjaro Safari - walked on in under 10 minutes, then headed across the park to Asia.  We snagged a fast pass for Kali River Rapids, and headed over to do a Ride Swap for Expedition Everest.  I found the Yeti first, then waited for Adam to ride - and took time to apply sunscreen!

The best part?  We were able to get another fast pass for Everest and rode it twice before heading over to get completely soaked on the rapids.

While Adam was on the Rapids, Noah and I played in the fountains over by the entrance to the ride.  Right on the way to entrance/exit for KRR and Maharajah Jungle Trek, there is a water play area - 2 fountains from the wall, 2 water spouts from the ground, and a great water fountain in the middle.  Noah was enthralled and I literally couldn't pull him away before he was completely soaked.  
1 thing I learned - wet feet in strappy sandals (Dansko - quality/designed for walking) - still causes cuts and pain.  Ouch!

With a few more rides, a trip to Rafiki's Planet Watch, lunch, some music, and even a spotting of Divine, we headed back to the hotel for a nap before heading to EPCOT for dinner.

Dinner will be described in upcoming Foodie Fridays!!


  1. Oohh I did not know there was a splash area over there. I know we will be visiting it often. John, our son, was 16 mo on our last trip and if he saw one of those on property we had to stop! Looks like Noah feels the same way!

  2. There so many things we've missed in AK. I'm definitely planning for more time there on our next trip!