Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stocking Up

Getting prepared for a June trip with a toddler..

To me, there are 2 important components to that statement:
  1. It's going to be disgustingly hot
  2. As opposed to previous trip, we've really got to keep an 18 month old happy in line
I've started finding supplies for the heat:
  • Weather appropriate clothes- sleeveless shirts and shorts for both Noah and myself.  I don't worry about my 18 month old looking silly in a sleeveless shirt.  If he's still wearing them at 20, we might have a conversation..
  • Cool, comfortable walking shoes - I have a pair of Dansko walking shoes that are great for the parks and I just found Noah a pair of sneaker-like shoes hiker sandals at Target!
  • Fans - I have one with a clip for the stroller and just picked up handheld battery-operated fans at the Dollar Tree
  • Sunscreen - It's SO important for all ages to wear sunscreen.  Only about 15 minutes of sun a day is healthy unprotected, but, not all sunscreens are created equally!  And, sadly, they're not regulated very well by the government.  Luckily, the EWG has been doing their own research and reviews!  Check out the best and worst here.  And, as I just realized, the Banana Boat Sunscreen I just bought today?  Not so good... agh!
And, I've been stocking up on items for the flight and for the lines:
  • Stickers - I've read on several blogs and articles, including in Lisa Battista's Beyond the Attractions, that stickers are great for entertaining kids in line.  My son personally loves stickers, but he makes me want to create edible stickers because he always tries to put them in his mouth...
  • Go Go Squeez - One of the perks of writing for Chip and Co. is getting to experience new products.  Go Go squeez is one of them.  Applesauce on the go in easy tubes - these are perfect even for an 18 month old - he can feed himself usually mess free!  I stocked up on and have plenty!
  • Games and books - Noah loves books with hidden under the flap pictures, so I've got a few of them, 1 fairly new, for the flight!  As I already mentioned, Beth over at Pursuing the Magic keeps giving in flight entertainment tips - my favorite - a magna doodle!  I found one that is attached to a Cars book.  Perfect!
  • Smart phones - well, we obviously already have those.  With Touring Plans Lines and Disney's Mobile Magic ready to go.  But, we also have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and movies installed and easy to play for whenever we might need a quick distraction!
And the packing will start soon!  What am I missing?


  1. great list!! I can't think of anything else we used on our trip last year when our son was 23 months...

  2. Yep, I think you nailed it when you said "disgustingly hot." Great list!

  3. Packing for Disney is so exciting. That is one thing I love doing. I bet you are so excited..

  4. Looks good! We've taken our son 3 times since his birth- 9 months, 20 months, and 2-1/2. We usually travel in slower times, so lines were never an issue. But snacks are always a good thing! :)