Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursdays with Mel... Non-Theme Park Moments

Personally, I would be at the Disney theme parks from Rope Drop in the morning until they kicked me out at night. Unfortunately no one else in my family has that much Disney in their blood... yet, though my middle son does show promise.

So, we plan non-theme park excursions and include lots of "down time" in our Disney vacations. As with most families, our non-theme park time focused mainly on the pool at the hotel. But, as this was our first California adventure (pardon the phrase), we had a few special plans of our own.


Ok... so I relent. I know there is lots of amazing things to do just outside the gates of most Disney parks, I just have to work past my own Disney enthusiasm in order to embrace them. 

I think I feel I am cheating on Disney when I go to Sea World, Universal Studios or many of the other non-theme park adventures awaiting Disney travelers outside the gates of their favorite Disney destinations. But knowing that I will return to Disney year after year does help me loosen up & enjoy all that Disney and its neighbors have to offer my family and me.

On The Disney Lifestyle Blog right now: I have published my Disneyland Vacation family album that I created with the photo center software. Hope you stop over & enjoy the photos!