Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursdays with Mel... Passing on the Disney-Gene

Like I said last week, I could stay at the Disney Parks from open until close, but on our last day in California, I almost didn't go to the parks at all. Thankfully I passed on the Disney-gene to one of my kids. While everyone else relaxed on our last day, my middle son and I spent a fabulous day at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my fabulous mommy-daughter time at the parks, but while my daughter does love Disney, she does not show signs of possessing the Disney-gene. My middle son is a different story.

The Hollywood Studios Backlot at DCA

That Friday, we were the only two still on East Coast Time, so we were the only ones awake. We got dressed, went out for an early breakfast, and still, we were the only ones awake. So, I grabbed our park passes, and the two of us headed to Disneyland.

We headed straight for Disney California Adventure, because that is what my son wanted to do. We rode Tower of Terror, went to the Animation Academy - twice - and rode Grizzly River Run, because that is what he wanted to do. After a quick ride on California Screamin' and Toy Story Mania it was lunch time. We headed straight for Award Wieners, because my son loves corn dogs more than the Beach Boys love girls in bikinis.

After lunch, we left DCA and headed over to Disneyland (which I still call the Magic Kingdom - though I try not to). He wanted to ride Pirates of the Caribbean again, but he didn't want to ride the Haunted Mansion.

We finally found Club 33!

We spent lots of time in Innoventions!

I think you get the picture. We went where he wanted to go. We rode what he wanted to ride. After every attraction, all I had to say was, "Where next?" And off we went.

As a mom of three, alone-time with any kid is a luxury. Alone-time at Disneyland is simply priceless. He said it was his Best Day Ever!  And it was pretty fantastic. We closed the day by watching the World of Color show back at DCA. On our way out of the park, we got a great view of the Disneyland fireworks too.

And even though we had been on our feet for almost twelve hours, I think we both felt like we were floating on air. We spent five days at the parks, and my son never did ride its a small world (by choice) But on our way back to our hotel, he told me that he would have ridden it if I had asked him to because he knows how much I love it. But this day was about him (and I had already ridden it three times that week). What a great day!

Alone-time with someone you love is always special. Alone-time at Disney is a rare, priceless gift.


  1. I hope i pass on the gene, too!!!

  2. Wonderful story! And to hear him say it was his "Best Day Ever?" The smile probably lasted a week! :)

  3. Oh, that is so sweet! I am pretty sure I am already passing on my Disney-loving genes to my son. Anytime we mention Mickey or he sees the commercials he says he wants to go back (and he is only 3!)!! I hope to one day have a special Mother-Son day at Disney with him too!

  4. Okay this post is so sweet that it almost made me cry!! I just love how you handled the day with your son. Those are some great moments!! By the way I think only one of my kiddos got the Disney gene as for three. While they all love it only one got