Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Travel Tip Tuesday - Creating a Mountain!

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

No, no, no, this has nothing to do with Expedition Everest.

This is all about creating a barrier in between the parents and the baby.

As you hopefully read on Friday, our first morning at Walt Disney World, Noah woke up extra early (4 a.m.) and because he could see us from his crib, he didn't fall back asleep like he would have on a normal day.  Instead, he stood up and cried out "Mama" which many of you may know is nearly impossible to resist.  I picked him up and brought him to our bed (which I have never done) in hopes he would fall asleep again.  But, no.
The Grand Floridian has Cribs, not playards!
So, when we came back for our much needed nap, we used our 2- queen room for to our advantage:  We piled up both of the bed quilts (b/c I NEVER keep those on the beds!), and all of the pillows from the couch (pull out sofa!), and from the extra bed, and made a blockade.  We stayed in the bed closest to the door and had him directly next to the balcony, giving as much space as possible.

Of course, with the 900+ pictures I took, I never took a direct shot of the mound.  Can you believe it?  But, you can somewhat see the pile from the picture above.  And, it worked like a charm.  As long as we were on our side of the room, even if Noah was standing in his crib, he couldn't see us.  Which, with an 18 month old (or younger!), was still enough!

Other resorts - such as the Caribbean Beach Resort - has a curtain near the bathroom area, which is another great idea to block off the pack-n-play from the rest of the room, but since we had no such curtain, we made due.

What other ways have you used to separate the rooms?  Are their children that wouldn't freak out in similar situations?


  1. My kids had no problems being in the same room as us. It actually worked out better in our case. At home our daughter (2 at the time) usually woke up sometime in the middle of the night and instead of putting herself back to sleep would come down the hall to our room and climb in with us for the rest of the night. At Disney, maybe she was just so exhausted that she slept, but I think knowing we were in the room made her comfortable enough to sleep on her own.

  2. Good idea. Glad it worked for you.

  3. Good tips! I didn't know that the GF had cribs. Is this in place of a Pak n Play then?

  4. @Tricia - We've never let Noah sleep in our bed - he's never been a good sleeper, so we were pretty strict with sleeping (in our preferred method). Ours slept well after our first full day, but the day we arrived, he slept so terribly!!

    Amy - Most of the resorts offer Pack n Plays (or other brands of play-yards) but the GF has mini-cribs instead! Much more comfortable for the kiddos and covered in Disney sheets!

  5. Great idea--we'll need that if we ever go somewhere with Camille. She LOVES Mickey by the way--not sure how it happened, but Disney is definitely in our future! I have been reading up on all of your tips lately! SO glad you have this blog!