Monday, June 13, 2011

A Very Minnie Birthday!

My sweet Piper turned 2 last week, and to celebrate, we had a Minnie birthday party!
I scrapbooked her invitations (all 30 of them) and sent them out to family and friends a couple of weeks before the party.  I really love how they came out!
On the day before the party, my Mom, Grandmother, and I made these precious cookies for Piper.  We used a cookie cutter shaped like Mickey, and dyed the icing ourselves!  We learned that we had to spread them out well on the cookie stone to cook them or they become misshapen.  I put the "P" on by putting icing in a Ziploc and cutting the tip off.  It made a great pastry bag!

For the party, I decorated the house with a Disney banner, tablecloth, and pictures from her 2nd birthday photo shoot (taken by my cousin in our local park).  We also had an AWESOME cake made in our mall!  My Disney-baby had so much fun playing with her friends, and she loved all the Minnie-stuff!  Enjoy the pictures!

My Disney-baby and I share a birthday!  Happy birthday to us!

See ya real soon!


  1. Oh my gosh her skirt is Adorable!!! :D And the cake is SO cute! Thanks for posting! :D

  2. What a wonderful birthday! Everything was so cute!!

  3. So cute! I love your invitations - you did a great job with them!

  4. Great life has also a memorable day.its my lovely day when i was 7 year old and my mom organize a birthday party...

  5. How fabulous! I love the whole outfit, the cupcake, the invites... EVERYTHING! So much fun!.

  6. This dress is officially DIVAlicious! co cute! Have a great day!