Friday, July 8, 2011

Blogorail Dining Experiences!

Welcome to those of you joining me from The CanaDisney Blog and those of you who have just hopped aboard.  I am the 5th stop on our Magical Blogorail.  This month, we're discussing our favorite Disney Dining Experience!

Back in my college days, Disney life was different.  I never bothered carrying a camera, never considered making dining reservations, and ran the parks as hard as possible, hitting all of the mountains in a single day, without thinking about a touring plan.  I also remember walking up to the Cast Member at Cinderella's Royal Table and asking about an opening and getting a dinner reservation for later on in the day.  Other than being referred to as "Princess" the whole time (pretty magical, even at 19!), I don't remember much at all about the meal.

So, that is edged out for most memorable by our more recent dining experience: The Hollywood and Vine, Play n' Dine!
I know that all toddlers are different, but mine LOVES Disney Junior.  Special Agent Oso, Handy Manny, and the Little Einsteins all together in one restaurant?  We knew we had to jump on board!  This was our first character meal experience and our first pre-park-opening meal experience, so we enjoyed the scene.

We waited in line to enter the park until right around reservation time (8 a.m.) and once they opened the turnstile, we followed the masses towards the Hollywood and Vine.  We were seated after a few minutes and were shown where the buffet was.  We joked that our server would have been better suited for the 50's Prime Time Cafe with her personality, but this experience wasn't about the service, and we weren't really bothered by it.
We were in the front, right by the action.  The emcee was constantly singing, dancing, and inviting the kids to join - which Noah actually did!  He was slightly hesitant with the characters up close - I think it was a bit too early for him to warm up, but he was enamored with them from a distance.
Giving Handy Manny a High 5!
The food - standard breakfast buffet, to include Mickey waffles.  Nothing special.  But, this experience was more than food - this was magic at it's best.  Plus, we got into the park early enough to hear the rope drop and be first in line to meet characters in the square that morning!

Thank you for joining me today.  Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail is Cooking with Mickey.

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  1. Great story....Looks like Noah loved it!

  2. Great story! Sometimes it isn't about the food but the experience. I love getting into the parks early, it makes the day so special.

  3. Sounds great! This is one of the character meals we have not tried yet, but I am not sure why! My kids love Disney Junior and all the characters there. Maybe I will have to see if I can squeeze in another character breakfast so we can try it out!

  4. Thanks guys! @Beth - It's an easy one to schedule - we booked our entire trip 3 weeks out, so obviously we didn't really plan out ADRS!

  5. This is one that I have yet to try but I know my boys would love it. Thanks for sharing. :0)

  6. Sounds like the perfect character experience! In the park early, eat and meet your favorite characters...that's great!

  7. I am a Handy Manny Fan. Sounds like a visit is coming.

  8. Got a question. We have debated this one time and time again. My son is not familiar with these characters. He'll be closing in on 2 yo on our next trip. Would you recommend it?

  9. I love your pics. I think the character breakfast are so much fun for them and us. We love Handy Manny but have not meet him yet, hopefully this year.
    I too remember running around the parks like a nut before we had children, we enjoyed it so much and never thought about reservation, we just walked up to whatever. thanks for sharing..

    Diane @ Can Do It MOM

  10. @Mary - how is your son around big characters? My son did great - he was slightly hesitant up close, but loved watching them and joining in on the fun. This character meal is great because there is singing and dancing. If you're thinking of doing a character meal, check out a local place with characters (Red Robin, Chuck e Cheese) to see how he does.. I've seen kids older than yours shake in fear..

    With that said - I've heard a lot of kids warm up quickly at the character meals, and if you're not interested in spending time with the characters, they can always admire them from afar.. if they get too close and scared, I'm sure the characters won't be surprised by cries or anything, but you could still have a great meal! I'd definitely recommend character meals even for the little ones!

    @Diane and Bruce- Manny is also often found outside of the Disney Junior - Live on Stage show signing autographs and posing for pics! If you don't want the full dining experience, you can always stop to say hello there!

  11. try again... blogger is freaking out today.
    Great memories!! Thanks for sharing. My son also loves Disney Jr. Maybe we should try this on our next trip!!!

  12. My son loves Disney Junior as well. I think we'll add this to the ever growing ADR list for next time :-)