Friday, July 29, 2011

Foodie Friday - Coffee and Sweets!

Tucked away around the Streets of America in Disney's Hollywood Studios is a hidden treasure of the Disney Parks - The Writer's Stop.  A coffee shop/bookstore that was originally created to reference the then popular show, "Ellen," and was known as "Ellen's Buy the Book."

Now, however, it's much less themed and is sometimes just used as a waiting place for those with reservations at the Sci-Fi Diner.

I've stopped in before and just sort of walked through, but in June, our little one decided to fall asleep and take a nice nap midday, when it was about 20,000 degreese outside.  With a stroller, it's difficult to find a place to stop in air conditioning.  We walked through stores, I pleaded  with the cast member outside of One Man's Dream, to no avail, and still had nowhere to relax.  Until I decided: time to find the infamous Carrot Cake Cookie.
Excuse the pic - it's hard to not just dig in!

If you've ever listened to a WDW Radio Podcast, you've probably heard of these cookies. 

The Writer's Stop is one of my favorite snack places in all of WDW because they brew their own coffee.  I'd been hoping for an iced coffee while we were there, but all that I'd seen were the coffee-like slushee drinks which are just way too sweet for me.  I tried a frozen coffee at the Main Street Bakery and had to toss it a few years ago.  

But this coffee?  Perfect.  I may have had 2, actually.  They even had skim milk (hey, I gotta save on calories somewhere if I'm going to have that cookie!).

The carrot cake cookie is basically 2 large round cuts of carrot cake (minus the chunky goodness of raisins and walnuts in a standard carrot cake) filled with cream cheese-like frosting.  The cookie is gigantic and more than enough cookie for 2 people.  

I will say this: the carrot cake cookie will not be on my must-have list.  It's going to remain on the "glad I tried it, but what else is there" list.  But that coffee?  I could use one right now.

Have you had the carrot cake cookie?  What are your favorite treats at WDW?


  1. Ask and they should make you iced coffee with just ice and coffee. I have done that at various coffeehouses not just at DLR and WDW.

  2. Is the cookie better than the Butterfinger cupcake at Starring Rolls? I need a list of all the places to get real coffee. That nescafe is so bad. Great post! One more food item to add to my list.

  3. I love carrot cake, and while you're right, it's missing the goodies, I still loved this one!

  4. Writer's Stop is a little favorite of mine. I am a coffee junkie and I find that I can get the best iced latte on property right there. the shopping in that place. Great review!!

  5. I love the cookie! Thanks for the tip on the coffee!!!

  6. I wasn't a huge fan of the carrot cake ocokie either!! But is it sad that I can tell anyone EXACTLY where they can find real brewed coffee in every single park? :) Yeah... I'm slightly an expert on the subject because I'd rather die of thirst than drink that Nescafe swill! :)