Friday, July 1, 2011

Foodie Friday - La Hacienda de San Angel

As I promised, I'm excited to bring back Foodie Friday!

Inspired, as so many are, by AJ over at the Disney Food Blog, I have fun planning trips around snacks and ADR's, even when that means we schedule our ADR's just a few hours prior to dinner.

And, with our June trip only being planned 3 weeks out, we most of our ADR's were literally made the same day, or day before.  Our only ADR's that we actually used were our character breakfast Play and Dine at the Hollywood and Vine and Noah's haircut.  Technically not dining for the latter, but still - 1 of the only reservations we actually used!

During our well needed nap on our 1st full day, I used Disney's Mobile Magic to find which table service restaurants had reservations for that night.  We didn't have too many options, but we had enough - EPCOT had the most choices - in Japan, France, Morocco, and Mexico (probably a few others, actually!).  We both love Mexican food, and even had a great experience at San Angel Inn last summer, so decided trying La Hacienda would fit us perfectly.

What a menu!
It's definitely not a taco/enchilada style of Mexican food, but they still had a few great options.  For us, we decided to split an appetizer (because when queso with chorizo is on a menu during a vacation, how can you resist?) and an entree meant for 2 La Hacienda.  Add all of that to the complimentary chips and salsa combo, we had more than enough food for the 3 of us (Noah may only be 18 months, but he eats more than most 3 year olds.  Probably more than many 5 year olds)
Chips and salsas
Queso Fundido
The chips weren't the best.  Many tasted stale, but the salsas were addicting.  The red, a chipotle, was delicious and mild.  The green chile had a nice kick, but was fairly addictive.  The queso was not at all what we expected.  Instead of being a melty cheesy dip, it was more of a solid spread for the amazing fresh corn tortillas they offered.  The chorizo was Adam's favorite part of the queso.  All in all, a good try, but I wouldn't order it again.  Except maybe for those tortillas...
The entree
When it came time for the entree, La Hacienda consisted of chicken, steak, chorizo, beans, corns, salsas, vegetables, rice, etc...  And all of that was amazing.  Adam put that meal up there with our January meal at Le Cellier (but I think that's because he didn't order the right thing!).
The extras - Noah's favorites
You may wonder what Noah eats.  To many, the foods that we eat are probably strange for a 1.5 year old.  However, I've never been a fan of giving Noah standard "kid food."  I don't like frozen meals, so frozen chicken nuggets have yet to enter our house.  Mac and cheese was introduced by his grandparents and is only pulled out for emergencies.  

Noah's never been a big fan of PB&J and we never know whether or not he'll enjoy grilled cheese - some days he loves it, others he won't touch it.  So, from an early age, we fed him what we were eating.  He's not a huge fan of eating meat - I think it's a texture thing, so he often gets protein from beans.  So, in a Mexican restaurant - beans and rice are usually the biggest portion of his meal.  And, at La Hacienda, this was no different.  He tried a few vegetables, but mostly ate the corn, beans, and rice.  And stuffed himself!

To wash all this down with, I had to try one of those fancy margaritas!  By recommendation of our server, I tried the Blueberry Basil Mango (maybe in a different order!) margarita.  I'm not a huge margarita fan - and honestly, I think I generally prefer the fiesta margarita at the kiosk outside.  When they taste too much like tequila, I shy away.  But, it was fun to try something new.  And, it was pretty!
Have you been to La Hacienda de San Angel yet?  Are you considering it for your next trip?  I'd love to hear about your experiences, either below, on facebook, or at twitter!


  1. My daughter was the same way with kids meals and food. When she was that little and up until she was around 5 or so, she always got a side salad when we were out to eat. The ones she loved most were the ones loaded down with tomato, onion, eggs, cucumber, the works! The waiters always thought we were crazy! My son, on the other hand, has already had his fair share of frozen chicken nuggets, sadly, but when it comes to Mexican, he digs in with the rest of us on the good stuff for sure!

    Great review! Thanks!

  2. We are going there in October, so thanks for the review!

  3. Great review! We haven't tried La Hacienda yet, but hope to one day! By the way, we have always had our kids eat what we eat and it pays off in the long run! Now no matter where we go (of course their mood plays a part in this too) my kids pretty much can find anything to eat off any menu.