Friday, July 22, 2011

Movie Fun - Finding Nemo

After Noah truly discovered Nemo at the Living Seas Pavilion, Finding Nemo moved to the top of the movie request queue.  So now that we're watching it... a lot, I decided it was time to start finding the typical Easter Eggs that Pixar leaves behind.

As with all movies, they always show tribute to Toy Story, Pixar's first full length feature film, and their other films among other inside jokes.  Finding Nemo is no different.  Starting with...
  • Buzz Lightyear and other friends from Toy Story are on the floor near the toy chest in the Dentist's Office
  • The Pizza Planet truck quickly drives by while Gil is explaining the escape.  If you don't know it's there, I'd bet money that you wouldn't see it. 
  • In the dentist's waiting room, a child is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book!
  • Mike Wazowski snorkels by during the closing credits
  • During the actual escape scene, Luigi from Cars makes his debut appearance
  • A113 - the classroom that the animators studied in at Cal Arts, is the model of the camera the scuba diver uses!
  • John Ratzenberger, who has voiced in all of Pixar movies, is not left out - he's the school of fish!
  • In the Dentist's Office, Boo's fish mobile (from Monster's Inc) can be spotted.
Next time - I'll finally do The Incredibles!

Happy hunting!


  1. I had no idea they did all this. I'll definitely be taking a closer look next time I watch it. I love anything and everything Disney. I found this great list of the top 10 animated Disney films of all time. There's some really good films on the list, but quite a few of my favourites were missing. Take a look and let them know what you think.

  2. I love that they do this! It's brilliant! Thanks for sharing so I can keep an eye out for them! :D

  3. I'll be watching Nemo in the near future. I've missed several of these! Thanks for sharing!