Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest post from our Scrapbooking Expert!

Today's guest blog comes from Disney friend, fellow blogorail friend, and scrapbook extraordinaire!  I hope you enjoy!

What is Hybrid Scrapbooking?  Hyrbrid scrapbooking is the combination of traditional (paper) and digital scrapbooking.  Why would someone use hybrid scrapbooking?  Many reasons.  Some people still like to create pages with paper while others like to add memorabilia to their albums.  And, some just like the look of mixed media.  It really is all personal preference. 

I am just completing my June 2011 Family Disney album and would like to share with you can do it too.  I first begin with getting a Disney themed traditional album with side-loading page sleeves.  For hybrid scrapbooking you have to use a traditional album to be able to includes both types of pages. And, I highly recommend the side-loading page sleeves because they allow you move pages around as needed. If you are doing just a digital album you also have the option of creating a photo book worthy of anyone’s coffee table.

**I have to provide a disclaimer at this point.  I am a Creative Memories Consultant and use their products because they are high quality and guaranteed for life.  They also have a decent selection of Disney authorized product.  There is other Disney scrapbooking material out there if you just look, but make sure it is acid free!
Disney traditional album and various side loading page sleeves

For this album, I only have one traditional page.  It has actually been hanging on my kitchen on my ‘everyday display’ since we returned back from Disney World.  I made the page prior to my trip and just added the picture when we returned.  It is now going to be the title page for this album!  The remainder of the pages are done digitally using an easy to use scrapbooking program.  Most of the pages were started with Disney themed ‘pre-designed pages’.  This means all I had to do was drag and drop photos in. Then if I felt like it I could add another photo or chance an element of the page. It’s that easy!

Everyday Display on my wall with my Disney title page and a screen shot of a digital page in progress

I also plan to add memorabilia to this album, so on some of the pages I left an area blank. The memorabilia can then be added later. Since I do not have a 12x12 printer I could not print the pages at home.  I ordered them online through Creative Memories, but most other places now offer 12x12 page prints.  But I absolutely love how they come packaged from Creative Memories.  Makes me feel like a professional!
 Screen shot showing a page that will later have memorabilia added and Page Prints packaging

We now move onto assembly. I add the memorabilia to the pages I want using acid free tape or acid free photo mounts.  Then put the pages in order and slide them into the page sleeves.

Add memorabilia using acid free tape and then slide all the pages into a sleeve

For the excess memorabilia (which I have tons! - I collect everything) I slide them into 8.5x11 portrait sleeves. The albums don’t have to be restricted to just 12x12 pages and 11x8.5 pages are perfect.   I can add the memorabila sleeves either at the end of the album or with the applicable page.  Then you just put the album together.
 Memorabila sleeves and completed album with memorabilia

That's it.  I have my trip documented and completed.  The great thing about doing albums this way is I can add future trips to the same albums.  I can usually fit 3-4 trips into a single album.  I also will send the album off to be embossed with the dates inside so I can quickly find past trips.
 Example of Disney albums embossing

I hope I have helped give you an idea of how you can create your own family album.  Thanks for helping me complete my album!

If you are interested in information on scrabooking please visit my Facebook page: Mary Connor, Independent Creative Memories Consultant I would love to help you preserve your memories.


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    This is terrific! I've been thinking a lot about doing digital scrapbooking, this has great details! Thaks so much for posting?