Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Post - Other People's Kids

After I mentioned last week that Mel will no longer be posting with us, I received an overwhelming amount of support from you, my amazing readers.  I also found several other people on facebook with interest and have decided to keep Thursdays, at least on occasion, as room for my readers and/or other bloggers (who usually go into the reader category, as well.. hopefully!).  Thank you ALL so much for reading and being so supportive!

Today's guest post comes to us all the way from Canada -

Gaylin C. from Vancouver, BC writes: my first trip to Walt Disney World was in 1978, I was 18 and got hooked! When I was a teenager, the goal was to go on as many rides as possible, flirt with cute boy cast members, and eat cheap food. My goals have changed; now I ride as many rides as possible, meet lots of nice people, and eat really good food!  I have been to WDW 13 times and the only thing better than going on the trip itself is planning it! I love to people watch and WDW is the best possible place for this. I always ask permission before I take anyone's photo, especially if it is of a child.

Other People’s Kids
I love going to Disney World - the food, the parks, the water parks, the rides - I can go on and on. One thing I really like about going to WDW is other people’s children! I don’t have kids and won’t be having any (I am over 50). When I am at the ‘world’ I love to see children having fun and some of my best memories are of interacting with happy children.
Standing in line one day, I felt a small hand slip into my hand. I looked down and there was a toddler, maybe 3, holding my hand and not noticing I wasn’t his mom. I looked to the side and there was his mom, watching him and laughing. We were dressed in almost identical capri’s and a yellow shirt. I smiled at her, enjoying the wee hand in mine, until he looked up and realized that I was NOT MOM. Just before the crying started his mom called his name, he went running back to her. She was still laughing when she picked him up and they both waved before they walked away. Only at Disney!
Another time, sitting and waiting for fireworks, we sat next to a family with 3 kids. Right after we sat down, one of the boys started to have one of the most amazing, endurance-defying meltdowns. His sister was sitting beside me and had a look on her face of ‘not again’. I started talking to her and we had a great time, she was articulate and funny and seemed to be quite relieved to have someone to chat with. Especially someone who was willing to ignore her brother’s meltdown. Her name was Montanna and we talked right up until the fireworks started - which successfully drowned out her brother. After the fireworks were over, as they were gathering up their belongings, her mom said thanks. Not a problem!
Then there are always children playing in the fountains or little water cooling off areas in the park. So cute! I am always happy I don’t have to deal with 15 pound water filled diapers! There is a great fountain in the Animal Kingdom that has a cascade of water that looks almost like a bubble, while I have often rinsed my hands in the fountain, I didn’t realize that is was for kids to play in. Until I saw a cute boy inside it! I talked to his dad and asked to take a photo because little Braden was completely soaked and thrilled about it.
I have many more stories of other peoples kids, chatting in line-ups, sitting at side-by-side tables in restaurants or napping in strollers - most often happy, adorable kids. 

Everyone, keep taking your children to Disney World, us non-parents love to see their joy. 


  1. Such a sweet post! I'm not usually so lucky when it comes to other people's kids.

  2. Thanks Lee, that little hand in mine was the sweetest moment. So glad you had that happen as well!

  3. Nice post, Gaylin! My wife and I don't have children either, and I had the same experience of finding a little hand in mine. Same thing happened: The parent thought it was hilarious! Thanks for the great perspective.

  4. Hi Kristen, I am not saying all the children I have 'met' as Disney have been terrific, I work hard at remembering the great ones!

  5. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Tricia, yes, I have been witness to many a theme park meltdowns and mostly I feel sad for the child who has gotten overwhelmed to the point where melting down is the option. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to hug either the child or the parent but I don't offer because of course that would be intrusive. If you see someone with 'judging' face, ignore them!

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  8. This is the most wonderful post - I hope I run into you at Disney! So often I cringe when I see childless adults because I worry they'll be put off when I walk in with my four...and then when one has a meltdown, it's even worse. I know my child is overtired, hungry, overstimulated or whatever, but I also realize how easy it is for someone who doesn't have kids to write it off as brattiness or bad parenting. Thank you for handling that little boy's meltdown - and his sister's embarrassment - so gracefully!

  9. Bitten by the Disney BugJanuary 21, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    Wonderful post! It is so great to hear that other people might enjoy watching my son have a blast at Disney, just as his dad and I do. I love your perspective on Disney - thank you for sharing!