Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Movie Fun - Ratatouille

Back for more movie trivia - looking for the "Easter eggs" that Pixar leaves behind.  This time, with our favorite rat, Remy

  • As always (except in The Incredibles!), the Pizza Planet truck is seen crossing the Seine while Skinner is chasing after Remy
  • A113 is seen on a tag on the lab rat's (Git) ear
  • Our favorite, John Ratzenberger continues his voicing streak as Mustafa, the waiter
  • Linguini's boxers have The Incredibles logo on them!
  • One of the mimes Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles, too!
  • As Remy runs through Paris, a shadow of Dug (from Up) is cast against a wall.  Squirrel!!
  • A bottle of wine is branded: Lasseter Cabernet Sauvignon, after John Lasseter, exec producer and Pixar genius!
I know Ratatouille isn't as well loved as some of the other Pixar movies, but in our house, it's definitely in the rotation!  Hope you've enjoyed!

And, as always, hop on!
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  1. We like Ratatouille for sure!! And I love when you do these posts!

  2. I took Ratatouille out of the library yesterday and will be watching it for the first time today!

  3. Bitten by the Disney BugJanuary 21, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    How fun! We actually love Ratatouille in our house as well - it's one of my favorites :)

  4. I just remembered I saw on Cars II in the background in Paris, the restaurant, Gusteaus, from Ratatouille.