Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Window Wednesdays!

Focused on the Magic

Thanks for stopping by today's "Wordless Wednesday" blog hop!  I've turned Wordless Wednesdays into my excuse to show off my pictures of the famous windows of Walt Disney World.   Today's theme:
The Emporium
Main Street, U.S.A

In the middle windows, you'll see "Super Structures Inc." in the top.  Seemed random, so I looked it up!
Definition of Super Structure: That part of the building which is constructed above the ground level is known as super structure. Walls, roof, floor, veranda , doors and windows are examples of Super Structure.
Below Super Structure is:
Engineers and Associates
Don Edgren - Engineer hired to help build Disneyland - genius behind The Matterhorn as well as Pirates
John Wise - Engineer with Edgren's firm before joining WED

Left Window and Right Windows:
Morrie Houser - Imagineer from 1954, helped with both parks and the Lily Belle
Lou Jennings - WED Imagineer
John Joyce - WED Imagineer
Ken Klug - WED Imagineer who helped with WDW
Stan Maslak - WED - helped with the Railway Station at WDW
John Zovich - worked with Edgren, but also helped with WDW and was VP of Engineering for EPCOT

Information from WDW News Today

The 2nd window is more in keeping with the theme of 1900 Americana (from left to right:

Electrical Lamps
Gramaphone Talking Machines
Edison Kinetoscopes
Imported Glasswear

Offering the Latest and Greatest

Ladies' Wearing Apparel
Finest House Furnishings
Children's Toys and Novelties

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  1. I just cant get over the detail in these windows! Brilliant!

  2. Thanks for getting the detail for us. I love knowing who's who in the windows.

  3. I always wish I had more time to read the windows on Main Street! So very interesting!

  4. I love the windows on Main Street! Great shots and thanks, I learned a lot of the details behind them:)

  5. Love it! You've inspired me to learn more. :)

  6. Amazing detail! Where do you do your research? I learn something new every week :D

  7. Great pictures. I love having a few minutes to slowly explore the detail that WDW has to offer. Thanks for the great information also. I think understanding the meaning behind those details adds to the depth of love for WDW. Thanks for the great post!

  8. Bitten by the Disney BugJanuary 21, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    Great pictures! I love learning more about what is written on them - thanks!

  9. Awesome pictures of the windows/buildings. I'm always amazed by them, when I actually stop and look up at these buildings. Thanks Jenn

  10. Thanks for the details. Lou Jennings, WED Engineer, mentioned above, was actually my great uncle! So, my love of WDW started pretty much at birth as it was a family affair.