Friday, September 16, 2011

Almost Flashback

This week, I had intended to finally participate in the Flashback Friday fun..  But, I somehow misplaced my pictures!!  I don't have many childhood pictures of me at WDW, but I found some from a trip in 1991. 

Instead, I wanted to mention a trip we took while I was in middle school and my first time staying at the Grand Floridian.

I remember events/music/movies based on where I live.  I know my father had a business trip at the Grand Floridian sometime while we lived in West Palm Beach, between 1992-1994.  Exact dates - no chance, but I know it was between those years.  But, due to circumstances, I can guess it was 1993-94.  Why?

Because I remember seeing Hulk Hogan filming something on the beach of the GF.  I remember being curious and watching with a few other kids, then waiting to find out what it was once I was home.  I never heard about it again, until I got back into the Disney World and realized it was not a film, but a short-lived television series: Thunder in Paradise.

Doing research, which you know I love to do, I learned that this started as a straight-to-VHS short movie, though not filmed at WDW until it was filmed as a series.  Apparently, there were scenes around EPCOT, Discovery Island, and a lot of the MK resorts.  

Did you ever hear or see this show?  Anyone else ever see a movie or tv show being filmed at The World?

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  1. I don't think I ever saw anything being filmed, but after the release of Aladdin, I did see Scott Weinger (a.k.a. Aladdin and DJ Tanner's boyfriend Steve) at MGM shooting promos and doing interviews. I was one star struck little girl :)

    Thanks for sharing...
    Rosanne @