Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nap time!

I'm generally a very routine oriented mom.  We stick to our routine as best as possible:
6:30-7:00 wake up between
8-ish breakfast
11- lunch
12-2 - nap (or quiet time, if need he's being stubborn)
5:30 - dinner
7:00 -  bedtime

Even at WDW, we try to stick to close to that schedule, though usually bedtime is pushed back a little!  But those naps - they are so important!  When we're staying on property, we can usually get back to the room for a good afternoon nap (again, timing is a little off, but we try!), but on our long trips that we stay off property, going back isn't really a good option.

So, instead we have to make sure that stroller naps happen.  I remember one day at Disney's Hollywood Studios that I pushed a fussy baby around in a circle for about 35 minutes (during Adam's wait and ride for Rock n Roller Coaster) to no avail.  Of course, as soon as Adam and I switched, Noah fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

Move it, Shake it!
A different day, we simply approached a parade and, thanks to the wonderful overstimulation, Noah was asleep within minutes.  

Now, a good question is - what's a good thing to do when you've got a sleeping baby?  Yes, we can take part of the rider swap program and hit up the E-ticket attractions, or...

we can Monorail crawl!

Notice the wet ground!
One of my favorite nap experiences - naptime coincided with a huge downpour, so instead of fighting the rain and being stuck in a shop somewhere, we headed onto the Resort Monorail to see what the Polynesian had to offer.

What are your favorite naptime traditions?


  1. Melissa_FillingOurBucketJanuary 21, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    First I just want to say that your blog looks awesome!!

    Second, I'm glad to know I'm not crazy for wanting to try to stick to our little schedule when we go to Disney in November!! I'm hoping to go back to the resort for naps in the afternoon, but who knows if that will happen! My son is very schedule oriented, and while he doesn't get super cranky when he's tired, he needs to nap at least one good nap every day.

    The napping thing is a huge reason why I'm obsessing over which stroller to take with us! Our 3 wheel is great, reclines almost completely flat and has a huge canopy. But, it is cumbersome when folded up, and will be a pain on the buses. Our umbrella stroller will be easier, but it barely reclines and the canopy is horrible. Ah! What to do, what to do. What stroller is that that your son is in? Maybe I'll just get a new one...;)

  2. I am impressed with all the info you have here. The last time we went to disney was in 2005 with our 3 foster daughters ages 10, 6, and 5. One of us took the younger girls back to the condo for nap time each day. Within a couple of weeks of the trip they had given up naps entirely. I wish we had done thing differently. Our next trip we are planning is in about a year and a half and our kids will be 5 and almost 3 (yes going just before we have to buy that 3 yr old ticket LOL) and I'm hoping the almost 3 yr old will be able to push through and take some late afternoon naps instead so that we can enjoy 6 good hours in the park before she crashes. I will be following your tips on FB for sure! BTW I found you from the Tiggerific Tuesday hop!

  3. Oh yeah and the stroller for us is a Maclaren...comfy and so easy to break down.

  4. While I am totally scheduled like you at a former teacher I really do almost follow a lesson plan at For my own selfish reasons, we really do not take too many breaks at WDW. We love it as much as the kids and find that while they sleep in the stroller we can get a lot done. As far as RNRC my little guy always falls asleep there while I sit on the wall with the stroller tilted back and slowly rock it...I have it down to a science. That has to be my favorite nap experience. We usually open and close the parks...all without crabby kids. I certainly would take them back if needed though. :0)

  5. Schedules are adjusted at Disney, but still can work. We do generally push bedtime a little, but not too crazy. As for the stroller - it's a Maclaren.. It was a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law. Not sure I'd spend the money on one, but it does recline pretty well, folds up easily, has a shoulder strap, and is SUPER light weight. Cons - no cup holder (I have an attachable one for trips) and the basket is basically useless for big things. But, it is comfortable for naps! Good luck with your November trip. Hope it works out well!! Let me know if you're curious about other things.. maybe I've experienced something else in our ridiculous amount of trips with a toddler!