Friday, September 30, 2011

Some “Hidden Magic” at Le Cellier

I want to welcome an old friend of mine, Katie, who I have 'known' since 1999.  We became friends several years later when she started her college career at LSU with me.  Years later, we still keep in touch and our have found our common interest in Disney as well!  I hope you enjoy her article and her review.

Thanks to Jenn’s recommendations and help searching for some ADRs for me, she noticed that even a few weeks out at a busy time of year (August), there were reservations available for dinner at Le Cellier. This was definitely one of my top restaurants to try at Disney. I had read so many wonderful things about it and I could not wait to try it. I had my meal planned out way ahead of time by looking at menus on All Ears (
We arrived early for our dinner reservation, which was at 4:05 pm- the very first dinner reservation of the evening. This was the only ADR available a few weeks prior, and I felt lucky to be able to get a coveted reservation there, regardless of time! We started chatting with a wonderful cast member who was a server at the restaurant. I believe her name was Michelle. She was delightful and answered a lot of questions about the international program for cast members. We explained to her that we are from Buffalo, NY and live not far from the Canadian border. She introduced us to a fellow cast member of hers who was from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. After a short wait, which we did not mind at all because we were sitting down in the air conditioning after a long, hot day at Epcot, the cast member (I wish I remembered her name because she was awesome and I would love to recognize her!) said, “I’ll be right back, we’re going to sing O Canada.”
Then, all of the cast members in the “front of the house” (the servers and hostesses) asked us to please rise and sang O Canada for us to signal the start of dinner. It reminded me of home and hockey season! What a great start to what I was sure was going to be an incredible meal.
Unfortunately for my family, that was the high point of our experience. I had been telling my family how highly recommended this restaurant was, and in terms of service, we were not impressed. The service we got was not great, especially compared to at other restaurants at Disney with cheaper prices and easier to get reservations. By the way, Michelle, the cast member we had been chatting with, was not our server, although I think we all wished she had been. Maybe we should have asked for her.
I will say that my family really enjoyed the starters: Cheddar Cheese soup and the pretzel bread. I was the only one who ordered steak; I had the mushroom filet and it was delicious. I think the rest of my family was still full from lunch at this point, as we are accustomed to eating at a later hour. I had made sure to save room!
If I were to take my family to Le Cellier again (if they will ever let me!), I would book a lunch reservation instead of the early dinner that we had. As we were walking in for an early dinner, some people were just finishing up a late lunch. That was a smart idea. I compared the prices on All Ears, and that would have saved us a lot of money to go just a little earlier. Not to mention that my brother had been craving a really good burger that whole week, and I have heard that Le Cellier’s burger (only available at lunch) is amazing. For now, I will settle for a lunch reservation for the next trip with some friends who will appreciate the greatness of Le Cellier as much as I do!


  1. We're from Williamsville! Got my drivers license in Tonowanda :)

  2. How cool. We all have something else in common. When I met my husband he lived in Tonowanda. We get up there still once a year. And he goes up for a guys weekend once a year for a Sabres game. He is still a season ticket holder. : )

  3. Both Katie and I are from Buffalo - went to the same high school in suburbia.. just a few years apart!

  4. Thanks! I can't wait to write more posts!

  5. Thanks! I can't wait to write more posts!

  6. Katie - Great write up. We have never lucked into seeing them sing. My husband is from the Buffalo area so I am very familiar with the 'hockey season' you speak off. Hope to see more of your posts.