Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tips to Beat the Heat

I'm constantly looking for new ideas, questions, or topics and often ask the facebook fans to help out.  Just last night, Jennifer said:
I would like more info on younger infants and keeping them safe in the FL heat as they don't yet drink water...I'm more than a bit concerned...and almost reconsidering the trip :( but my 3 yr old would be devastated!
I found a couple of old posts about this, but decided to rewrite and consolidate!
  1. I'm not sure what too young is to drink water - that's a personal opinion, but my doctor told me around 4 months "if you're thirsty, so is your little one.  give him water."  So, that may be an option after all.  Or, find those mesh teething bags and put an ice cube in one for your little one.  
  2. Stay hydrated!  Avoid caffeinated beverages.  While they don't necessarily dehydrate you, your best bet for hydration is water! 
  3. Bring water OR ask the counter service restaurants for free cups of ice water.  
  4. Fans are amazing in the heat.  We stock up at the dollar stores on the small handheld fans and mister fans.  Or, splurge on the Disney mister fan as a souvenir!  Fill up the mister section with your free ice water.
  5. Take breaks.  If you're in Florida in the heat with little ones, afternoon breaks at the resort or pool will be well worth the time.  We liked naptime and bathtime midday for all of us to relax and cool down.
  6. Hit the Animal Kingdom in the morning!  There is a reason they say "Animal Kingdom Hot."  It's literally a jungle in there and it gets incredibly humid.  We love DAK and wouldn't suggest skipping it, but it's hard to be there for a full day when it's hot outside!
  7. Water play!  There are water play areas in all of the parks - misting Tiki statues by the Jungle Cruise, splash pads in EPCOT, etc.  Take advantage of these!
  8. Sunscreen - Enough said.  Reapply often!
  9. Wear cool clothes!  We usually have the baby in mesh sleeveless outfits in the heat.  May not be the cutest, but definitely the most practical!
  10. Find the Air Conditioning! Futureworld in EPCOT is a great place to spend some time.  The Pavilions are large, air conditioned, and have a lot to see and do.  The Living Seas has a ride, Turtle Talk, and a huge aquarium to spend plenty of time.  
Hope this list helps!! As always, feel free to post more tips, or your questions!!  Love to help!


  1. Is there a limit to the number of free cups of ice water they will give you?

  2. I never thought to ask for free cups of ice! Great tip