Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who Is That?

If you're a parent like me that ends up turning on Disney Junior for an occasional episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Special Agent Oso, you may have been wandering why those characters sound familiar.. well, just like decoding the Pixar Easter Eggs, I wanted to decode a few of these!

For Starters:
Image from Espn.go.com
Special Agent Oso:

  • Oso - Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy, and the Goonies)
  • Wolfie - Phill Lewis  - if you've ever seen he's Scrubs, he's "Hooch" and he's been in dozens of other Disney shows
  • Buffo - Brad Garrett - Everyone Hates Raymond
  • Guests included:
    • Coach Lou Holtz - Retired football coach from Notre Dame, now commentator
    • Rebecca Romijn
    • Lisa Loeb
    • Mel Brooks
    • Sarah Chalke (Scrubs, Roseanne)
Handy Manny:
  • Handy Manny - Wilmer Valderrama -  Fes from that  70's show.
    • In another bit of trivia - did you know that Fes stood for "Foreign Exchange Student"?
  • Guests have included:
    • Lance Bass (N'Sync)
    • Jane Lynch
    • James Belushi
    • Chris Rock
    • Snoop Dog

Now, in other thoughts - I'm not looking forward to the new short "Small Potatoes"  I say can that and bring back Ooh and Aah!

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse


  1. Its still him! He was just at d23 promoting the show!

  2. I had no idea Sean Astin was the voice of Oso. I'm going to have to watch an episode just because I am a LOTR nerd :)

  3. Ha! I did know that about FES!! But the newer episodes of Handy Manny sound different...I was wondering if Wilmer didn't do the voice anymore.

  4. I did know Fes was Foreign Exchange Student, but I had an unfair advantage - I was one! =) Of course I never heard this until this show was on & our FES told me that is what it was! ; )

  5. I am going to check out small potatoes today...we shall see. :0)

  6. I had no idea all these folks were on these shows. Makes me appreciate them just a bit more. Also, who knew Fes' real name was not Fes!