Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ever have a moment where you really want a treat that you can only find at the Happiest Place on Earth?  Last night at dinner, my husband and I wanted the same dessert.

Maybe it's the preparation and excitement of the upcoming Marathon Weekend 2012 (anyone else in training?), but we're ready to head back to the Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney and pick up our Mickey Candy Apples!


What treats do you crave when you're not at the parks?  I'd love for you to share either by commenting here, on twitter, or on our facebook wall!


  1. I'm currently craving zebra domes. I experienced them for the first time on our last trip and WOW! They are delicious. I can't stop thinking about them.

  2. Sounds weird, but I always crave the clam chowder at Disneyland. It's simply the best in the world!

  3. dark chocolate caramels with sea salt from karamel kuche