Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Early Bird Catches... the Photo Op

After our first character dining experience in June, we left the Hollywood 'n Vine and headed towards the park.  Our ADR (advanced dining reservation) was at 8 am and we were out around 8:50 with a park opening of 9, so they held us back at a point.  We couldn't hear the rope drop "show" going on, so just stood around taking in the scenery
Get it?  Casablanca!  Rick Blaine is Humphrey Bogart and Curtiz was the director!
We didn't have a true game plan, other than head towards Toy Story Midway Mania (like at least 50% of the crowd) to grab a fast pass, so when we saw Donald, Daisy, and Minnie all hanging out with out a soul around in front of the Sorcerer's Hat, I ran!

We were more excited than Noah, as you can tell - he's sleepy!  

After we said goodbye (first to meet all 3!), we headed towards TSMM.  Adam went to grab fastpasses and I kept walking, just to see what was happening.  I quickly noticed that the Meet n Greet with Buzz and Woody was starting a few minutes later with no line.  So, Noah and I hopped in line.  A few people gathered behind us - same deal, 1 parent waiting for fastpasses (that line sometimes rivals the stand-by queue first thing!) and the other waiting for pictures.  

We quickly made friends with others in line, even finding a family from our neck of the woods that commented on our Virginia Tech (my husband's alma mater) shirts.  And, his 6 year old entertained Noah with his car collection.  Win-win.  Just in time as the line opened, Adam caught up with us and we were, once again, first in line to meet Buzz and Woody ("Buhh" and "Woowy" in Noah-speak). 

We handed our photopass card to the photographer and she took more than a dozen pictures, making sure to get a few good ones.  Our favorites - Noah finally woke up enough to interact with some of his favorite movie stars, pushing buttons and giving high 5s!

In awe!  He's in Andy's Room!

Low 5!

It reminded me of when we visited Toon Town for the last time in January.  A wonderful way to start a day!


  1. Noah did really well! He was a bit overwhelmed when the characters came right up to us - he likes to approach, not vice-versa. BUT, he was amazed watching them walk around and we happened to be right up front - and the characters and host dance and sing, and Noah joined in!! He loved it! the Cars were on tour in June :( Hopefully we'll get to meet and greet with them in January. Hope you have a wonderful experience, too!

  2. Game plan! We have a 8 am reservation at Hollywood and Vine next month. I think we are copying this word for word. I think even cars to show off will be in order. ; )

    So, I do have to ask - how did Noah like Hollywood and Vine?