Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Window Wednesdays!

Focused on the Magic

School of Music

Band Uniforms
B. Jackman

Sheet Music
B. Baker

Music Rolls
G. Bruns

These three men were known for creating a lot of the music still heard today at the parks! 

B. Baker - Buddy Baker, along with Xavier Atencio, wrote the music for the Haunted Mansion, "Grim Grinning Ghosts"

G. Bruns - Along with music often heard around the parks, George Bruns composed the music for the Pirates of the Caribbean!  Yo-ho!  

B. Jackman - Bob Jackman composed a lot of music for Disney's Music Department.  He wrote the music for different television westerns and serials.  

And, as a music major, I love this window!


  1. I always love your Window Wednesdays

  2. For me music sets the tone for everything! I love this window too.

  3. More GREAT Disney background info!!

  4. Awesome Jenn, you have the coolest pics

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. Bob Jackman was my grandfather!! I just recently discovered that his name (along with his lifelong friends Buddy and George) was on a window in WDW. I have so many amazing memories of composers and animators being at their fabulous parties. He also was the voice of Goofy for a lot of cartoons in the 50s. My family and I can't wait to make the trip from California to go check it out for ourselves. Thanks again for the photo!! :) :) :)