Monday, November 28, 2011

Disney for Free

On our January trips, we often head down to Orlando for several more days than we plan to be in the parks.  This works for us for several reasons - we participate in marathon weekend and don't want to be exhausted for the races.. and frankly, we don't want to spend the money to be in the parks for that many days!!  We have an amazing military deal for 4 park hopping days, so 4 park hopping days it is.  We have 1 day left over from a previous trip, so we may actually enjoy 5 park hopping days, but more than that isn't likely.

So, what else is there to do?

A LOT!  Aside from Downtown Disney, there is plenty to see and do!

  1. Visit Celebration - the town literally created by the Disney Co.  Though no longer owned by Disney, it is extreme suburban perfection.  A little Stepford, but still pretty fantastical.
  2. Head to Disney's Boardwalk - at night, the Boardwalk is alive with entertainers of different sorts, but even during the day, it's a beautiful walk with plenty of restaurants and shops.  Or, head to the Beach Club/Yacht Club area - not as big, but still several restaurants to look in and see!
  3. Resort hop - I love to check out different resorts for meal time, but even if you're not hungry, you can stop by and check out the different scenery and stories!  In the last year, we looked around the Polynesian, Pop Century, and Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village all for meal time.
    1. Resort tip - if you're stopping by the Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House at night - make sure to ask where you can get the night vision goggles to view the animals!! Free every night!
    2. Wilderness Lodge hosts the Chip n' Dale Campfire Sing-a-long - movie and campfire!  Free to resort guests - you can bring or buy your own marshmallows!
  4. Ride the Monorail!  Who doesn't love the monorail?  If you're a resort guest, you can park at the TTC (Ticket and Transportation center) with your hotel parking pass, or bus on over.  If you're just coming for a few minutes, stop at a monorail resort and say you want to shop.  You can park for free - not recommended for extended periods of time, but perfect for resort hopping/monorail viewing.
There are too many more options for this post..  I'll have to add more later!

What are some of your out-of-park favorite activities?  Share them below or on our facebook page!  

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