Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trip Update!

My friend, Melissa, is the one who helped me create this blog.  She writes on occasion, though it's been a good while (send some love to her on our facebook page and maybe we can convince her to write some more!).

Unfortunately, I live in the DC area and she lives in Louisiana!  That's quite a trek.  And, for some unknown reason, flying between the two seems more expensive than traveling to London half the time, so we don't get to visit very often.

Our last time together?
June 2010!

We talk on the phone regularly and skype once or twice a month so Noah and Piper, her daughter, can hopefully recognize each other.. eventually.

We plan ahead - way ahead.  We're already in talks for a Spring 2012 trip to WDW.

But then, last week, after some talks, it was decided:

Melissa, David, and Piper will make the drive to Orlando for a long weekend (long b/c of the long drive) to see US at Walt Disney World!!  They'll be coming in for marathon weekend, and though we'll only be in the parks for 1 day together, I'm so excited to see my friend and her family!!  They're really like a second family and I know they'll make the trip more fun!

They're a bit bigger than in this picture.. Heck, I've even taught Noah to say "Wedway"

January, here we come!!


  1. I vote to bring Melissa back for some guest posts too!! ;)

  2. Yeah! Someday we also get to meet. And yes, bring Melissa back! ; )