Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Waiting, waiting...

As I mentioned yesterday, I can't wait to see the Magic Kingdom Rope Drop Show!

With less than 2 months away from Walt Disney World's 2012 Marathon Weekend, trip planning is nearly taking over my mind.  Shock, right?  I'm not alone in that, I'm sure!

See you soon, Magic Kingdom!
But, just yesterday, I received a comment on the post asking about how to keep toddlers entertained while waiting for this show.

As with pretty much everything, there will always be an aspect of waiting at Walt Disney World.  Whether in line for an attraction, to get food, or even, like this one, just to enter the park, there will pretty much always be some waiting.

To me, this is the absolute must wait show.  Why?  Because if you're not at rope drop, you'll have more lines inside the park.  Whether in January or June, starting with rope drop and heading towards Fantasyland, we've done every attraction in the hour after park opening.  So, you may wait a few minutes for this show to start, but it will be worth it after.

Another perk - once you cross through the turnstiles, which open a few minutes before the morning show, it's okay for the kids to be kids - they can run around and play!  I've seen in the past Cast Members leave hula hoops on the ground for kids to play.  Now, if only they'd have the bubble machines or sidewalk chalk out and my son would be in set!  But, honestly, even my incredibly inpatient tot has been fantastic while waiting for this show.  We usually find a spot in the back where he can watch the monorail, ferries, and crowds, while not being trampled.  

If we're really getting antsy?  I pull out my entertainment to keep him, and sometimes other children, busy.  

And, after a wonderful show, we're off to be first in line for Peter Pan, Dumbo, etc... before most of the Resort guests even wake up!
Early morning Photo Pass in Fantasyland.. no waits!
Hope this helps!!

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  1. This is a place that I struggle as well. I don't want my little guys to run off so I feel like I have to keep them in the stroller and they are not happy with me. I will be better about putting together an entertainment pack for times like this. Thanks for the tips!