Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Window Wednesdays!

Focused on the Magic

Thanks to Melissa from for this great pic!

Okay, I have to admit - I've analyzed this window before, but from a picture I had to seriously enlarge and you couldn't see it well, so when I saw this, I jumped on it!!

In case you missed it - this window is actually one of 3 on the Main Street Art Festival 
(for the full post, check it out here!)

Anyhoo - Pete Clark was the Vice President of  Lessee Relations in Disneyland before becoming the VP of Participant Affairs - finding sponsors for Disneyland than for the Pavilions of the World Showcase!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


  1. Cool photo! And awesome fact! :D

  2. Thanks for the info! :)

  3. I have not noticed it either, but your pics always inspire me..

  4. Another great window!! This is one I've never seen. I'll have to take a closer look next time!

    Thanks for linking up today and sharing your Wordless Wednesday with us,
    Deb @ The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

  5. Great window. I know I had not noticed it before.

  6. That's a great picture. I know I need to take my time and pay better attention to the windows!