Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy birthday, Noah!

Today, Noah is 2 years old!  Time seriously flies, doesn't it?  Seems like just yesterday we celebrated his first birthday, and here he is, turning 2.  He's picking up words like a parrot and is constantly learning.  He's out of the crib and forgetting that he's only 2 most of the time.

For this birthday, we had family over for a little party - just family, but with 3 cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and even a great grandmother, that's plenty for a party!

The theme started with a cake - I asked Noah what we wanted - Mickey, Mater, or Nemo.  And, to no surprise, he answered "Mimmy" which either means Mickey or Mater, but with enough asking and even showing him the cakes, we chose Mater!

Then, Noah and I took a trip to our local party store where I found some great party supplies!

Mater Party hats and Cars cups
Noah loved the cake and that it had toys on it - 2 cars for him to play with!

And, his family new him well enough to give him amazing presents, including a fire truck loaded with sounds that he's obsessed with and a really cool "garbyguck" or Garbage Trucks as those of us with a full grasp on the English language say.

Happy birthday to my little man - the one who inspired me to want to discover the full magic in everything Disney and help others discover the magic and share it with their little ones!


  1. Happy Birthday Noah! Wishing you a truly magical day!

  2. Love the Mater cake. I know John will be the same way - espicially with having the toys on top!! He is a Cars guy too. And you have to appreciate family members that give your kid gifts that make noise. ; )

  3. Happy Birthday, Noah! So cute! We are having a Cars birthday for Joey next week, though he will be 7!! I am teary-eyed just thinking about it! :-)