Friday, December 9, 2011

Never Have I Ever...

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One thing I've Never Done at Disney World but would Love To!

A few months ago I mentioned one thing I really want to experience at Walt Disney World - Characters in Flight.  Then, after listening to a WDW Today podcast and hearing Len Testa talk about seeing the balloon having landing problems, I think I may wait until I'm not pregnant and already closer to nausea than normal!

There are many things at Walt Disney World that I hope to someday experience.  A couple that I have no control over - like staying in the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite or being the family of the day at the Magic Kingdom.  A girl an dream, right?

But, the one thing that I haven't experienced that I would love to and hope to fulfill on my upcoming trip:

I've seen the Broadway production (traveling show, not on Broadway), but have somehow missed Camp Minnie Mickey - I've never even been to that side of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  We had hoped to go on our last few trips, but somehow missed it every time. 
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Our only hesitation - we're not sure if Noah can sit through a 20+ minute show.  He is only 2 so is attention span is about 14 seconds.  I once told his doctor that he had baby a.d.d. and the Dr. just laughed and told me it's normal.  So, a 20 minute show?  It may captivate his interest, but we may have to leave early.  I do think we'll have to try it on our next visit!

What's on your Disney To-Do List?

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  1. We've never seen this, or most of the stage shows at WDW for that matter. We always put them on our to-do list, but never plan ahead and never seem to be around the theatre anytime close to show time!

  2. Festival of the Lion King is bright, active, engaging. I think Noah would love it. Yahoo, tumble monkeys!
    I have tried to go on the Characters in Flight but it always seems to be too windy when I am there.
    I really want to go on the Wild Africa Trek tour but it is a bit pricey for my wallet.

  3. Yes, this is something I definitely want to experience, too! I haven't seen any of the shows at AK yet. I'm definitely going to be starting a list soon of all the things I have yet to do at WDW and start checking them off!

  4. those are good and fairly easy to do!! Grab a hot dog then head down for Flag Retreat! :)

  5. I think Noah would love Nemo too but the music is a bit mind numbing for me... We might just try both though!

  6. He can do it! We made it though Nemo last trip which is longer. There is enough music, lights, and movement to keep any kid occupied. #disney

  7. i hope to see the flag ceremony at magic kingdom and try a hot dog at casey's

  8. We saw Festival of the Lion King for the first time on this trip and my kids were mesmerized! They loved it! There is so much going on that I think Noah would definitely make it through the show. We were very impressed and all said the same thing when the show was over, how have we skipped this for so many years?