Monday, December 26, 2011

Remember These?

Before that unfortunate monorail accident a few years ago, I almost always asked to sit up in the front with the driver.  It was simple - ask the cast members working at the station and they'd take you to the front area to wait.  There was a limit of 4 people at a time, so sometimes we would have to wait, but that was no problem.  It was fun - the view up there is AWESOME.  Full windows and you see exactly where you're going.  

Our trip in June 2009, we rode up there for potentially the last time.  And, unlike other times, they handed us these:

Our co-pilot license!!  They usually handed out the circle Mickey Mouse stickers, but these cards were pretty cool, don't you think?

Did you ever ride up front?  I'd love to hear about your experiences!


  1. My nephew used to "force" us to ride up front almost every time we took the monorail. I also have a co-pilot license somewhere in my many Disney souvenirs. :) Hopefully one day we will be allowed to ride in the front again.

  2. I wasn't even aware that you could ride up front until back in 2008 when my wife and I arrived late to the monorail. The boarding gates had already been closed but no other guests were standing on the platform. The monorail driver, instead of driving off, he opened his door and waved to us to come up and join him. A fantastic view. And a special memory, especially since the accident and liability issues now.

  3. I did get to ride up front on the monorail 3 or 4 times. The best time was one day when I was by myself, it was the middle of the afternoon & the monorail platform nearly deserted. I asked to ride up front and they said yes, then dad and daughter (about 4) came along and asked to ride up front as well. The cast member asked if we minded sharing. Of course not. This little girl was not shy in the least and we had a great talk during the whole trip. Her dad couldn't get a word in edgewise. It was an awesome trip. When we were getting out her dad leaned over to me and said "We were worried she would by shy on vacation!" How fun.

  4. I am so glad we got to ride in the front before that terrible day. It was so special to be able to be up front.