Monday, January 23, 2012

5k Complete

Our official reason for our January trip is Marathon Weekend.  We knew after our first runDisney event - the half marathon in 2011 - that we would be back.  In my mind, I'm planning to head down for marathon weekend for many years to come.  Of course, this year turned out differently than planned.  We ran the 5k together and I watched the half marathon as a spectator.
Nearing mile 3
Though I did witness a very pregnant woman cross the half marathon 13 mile marker in a remarkably fast time (2 hours!?), I know myself - I'm not a super athlete!  I'm not one who runs 13 miles on a regular basis.  To date, I've run 13 miles twice - 2 separate halves.  So, doing that distance 26 weeks pregnant wasn't my option.  Luckily, the 5k is completely casual.  There is no real organization in corals (starting positions) and it's not officially timed, so I could be as slow as I wanted and take as many pictures as possible!

I will have to admit - the 5k is a bit lackluster compared to the half.  There is little in the way of entertainment and characters weren't nearly as frequent.  However, the run is through the World Showcase for the most part, so there is enough there to see!  We did stop for a few pictures and we even met hosts, the Three Caballeros, before the race even started.  

I had to walk more than I had originally expected - some days are great run days and some aren't, and unfortunately, race day just wasn't.  But, again, that's okay!  We enjoyed our stroll through the World, even though Adam tried to run off for a bite to eat...
Review to come - but another amazing experience!
People of all levels join in the fun of the 5k.  There were numerous people attempting the "Dopey" Challenge (Goofy + the 5k... that's 42.4 miles in 3 days), people walking, and people entering their first race ever.  If, in the past, you thought I was nuts for doing the half, you should absolutely consider doing the 5k.  Honestly, 3.1 miles is far less than you walk around Disney in a normal day, plus this adds the fun of a challenge/goal, and a medal!

And, to make that even better - we're adding another level to runDisney events!  Along with friends and members of the Magical Blogorail, we're creating a new running team for upcoming races!  I've loved running with the WDW Radio Running Team in the past, but when I realized so many of my fellow writers were thinking of running, that we could join in on a common purpose - Autism.  Several of our writers are affected by Autism and I know so many people that spend so much time at different therapies.  I wanted us to join together, and hopefully encourage some readers as well, to join in with us! 

We have created the Magical Blogorail Running Team to be at upcoming evens.  We're positive that several of us will be at the WDW Marathon Weekend 2013 (I'm running the half and possibly the 5k) and others are interested in the Tower of Terror 10 miler this coming October.  If you're interested in joining in on the fun, cheering us on, or even donating, these will all be options!  The required donation won't be too high and we plan to make race shirts and maybe more, depending on the interest!  

Hope to see you there!


  1. Ok, you actually made the #Disney 5k sound like something I can do. I know my husband will be there and if I can swing it me too!

  2. That is AWESOME Jenn!!! I may have to think about coming out for the Blogorail event...I would LOVE to see everyone.

  3. I cannot wait for our team to be up and "running!" Pun intended - I know . . . I am corny! :-) Disney is a great motivation for me to get back into running, but reading about your experiences is even more inspiring. Even better, I know when one of these races we will finally get to meet face to face! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! It makes me so excited to get to Disney and participate!

  4. Great post! I'm really looking forward to race weekend next January with the Magical Blogorail team!