Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogorailing around the World Showcase

Welcome to those of you joining me from The CanaDisney Blog and those of you just hopping aboard.  I am the 5th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

This month, we're talking about our favorite World Showcase Pavilion.

For me - this was an easy choice: Italy.  While I would absolutely love to travel the world, being a mother of 1 youngster and another one on the way, the only world traveling I'm planning for the foreseeable future is at the World Showcase!  One day I plan to really discover Europe, but as for now, I love stopping by the Italy Pavilion for a snapshot of what I will one day see.
Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney World's Official Website
With fountains, shops, and two fantastic restaurants, I love stopping by this pavilion on every trip.  I've actually never seen the different performers - musicians, jugglers, and more performing throughout the day, but I simply enjoy the ambiance.  I've dined at both restaurants and had amazing food each time.

One of my favorite experiences in the Italy Pavilion was discovering new wine - when I found Rosa Regale, a sparkling dessert wine, I fell immediately in love.  I love to stop by and grab a glass to go with a piece of chocolate - which completely accentuates the amazing flavor of the delicious wine!

Another experience I had in the Pavilion was discovering an amazing perfume, which became my standard "scent" for a few years!  I don't wear perfume on a regular basis, but the Versace Perfume I found there smelled so good that I had to buy it (elsewhere at a non-Disney price!).

I can't exactly pinpoint why I love that pavilion, but it is without a question my favorite.

Thank you for joining me today.  
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  1. I love the Italy pavilion as well - it takes me back to a time when I was a very little girl and we actually lived in Italy for 5 months. There are so many things at this pavilion that trigger those memories for me - so I love to just take it all in!

  2. Wonderful pavilion indeed!! I love the Rosa Regale wine as welll...we had it at Via Napoli for the first time in October. I also love to smell the different perfumes but for me it is in the France pavilion.

  3. This is my second favorite pavilion. I couldn't agree more about the wine going well with chocolate. I have a bottle of it that I brought home not too long ago.

    You must see the performers sometime. They are so entertaining!

  4. Love watching the street performers too. Great post!!

  5. Some of my favorite entertainers in World Showcase have performed in Italy. I love the shop with the intricate masks. They are so beautiful!

  6. I am like you! I always stop for the vino. And the Italian CMs at #Disney are so wonderful.

  7. The Italian vino works for me!!!

  8. Great article! There was this guy named David who appeared on Jeopardy! the same week as I did. In one of his chats with Alex he said he liked to carry his wife through Italy. Alex said "so you take your wife to Italy every year," to which David replied "no... I mean I carry her on my back." After a hilariously strange look from Alex (that unfortunately the camera didn't get) he added "y'know, the Italy at Epcot." I think you could hear me laughing all the way from the studio audience on that one. :)