Thursday, January 19, 2012

Character Interactions!

Since Noah came around, we started doing more and more character meets.  Mostly just the standards-
Mickey, Minnie, and whomever is at the Disney Visa Reward cards meet (2 out of 3 times, it's been Minnie and Goofy).

This trip, I hoped to meet Peter Pan.  After seeing so many amazing videos of the Peter Pan out at DLR, I really hoped to run into the East Coast Peter Pan.  I can't remember ever seeing him before and I planned to use the Disney Parks app, Mobile Magic, to find where and when we could find him.

Instead, after running into my favorite piano player at Casey's Corner,

we headed back towards Fantasyland and right there on the way was Peter Pan

After a short line, we got to meet Peter Pan!  Noah was a little hesitant, and as I told Peter, he was afraid of his ride.  Peter's response?
"That's okay.  It does smell a bit like codfish in there."

I love it!!

Do you have a character you want to meet?


  1. I love the Peter Pan pic!

  2. He seems impressed to be meeting Peter...and look at the big smile on Mom's face. Cute!

  3. That is great!! Kinda sad though, Peter Pan's Flight is my favorite!! Maybe Noah will like it when he gets a little older.

  4. Lol! How did he come up with that one on the fly?

  5. Peter Pan was the 1st character my kids met on their first trip to Disney. A nice woman getting off the Peter Pan ride when we did asked if we knew that Peter Pan was signing autographs right around the corner. We didn't wait in line long at all, and he was great with the kids.