Thursday, January 5, 2012

ChEAR Squad

Last year, as we waited around in the ridiculously early morning (3-4 am) at a parking lot near EPCOT waiting for the WDW 2011 Half Marathon to begin, I said - "wow, it has to be awesome just to come be a spectator!"  As I said that, I was told "yeah, it's fun, but running it is way better."  And last year, I loved running the Disney half marathon.  13.1 miles of early morning - the race begins at 6 a.m. but you have to be ready to go in your coral (starting point) by 5.    I know it sounds crazy, but it's amazingly rewarding and then I had absolutely no guilt about eating whatever I wanted for the next few days!
Early morning - pre race, about 3 a.m.
We were both so excited about it that we registered within a few days of registration opening for the 2012 half marathon.

Of course, our plans changed.  At 6 months pregnant (I'll be 25.5 weeks on race day), my goal of 13.1 went down to 3.1 and honestly, I may be walking the whole thing after some recent issues (nothing major - just normal pregnancy pains!).  But, this time, I get to see the other side -  I'll be on the sidelines cheering on my husband, friends from work and college, Disney friends, and the other 27,000 people the race!

Disney even has a special name - the ChEAR Squad!  At the expo, they have an area to make posters to cheer for your friends and then the mornings of the race, you can actually go into the parks long before they open to get a spot to cheer on the crowds!  If you want, you can even pay a little for special restrooms, a warming tent, and a designated seating area.

Our plan - along with my fellow Buffalonian (Buffalo, NY), LSU alum, and guest writer, Katie, is to meet up with everyone before the race and then get on the monorail to head over the Magic Kingdom to get our spot! Hopefully, we'll be able to keep track of where our people are, thanks to the runner tracker - sending texts to our phones letting us know when they reach a certain point!

After, we'll hop back on the monorail to head to Epcot, where the race ends, so we can meet up with our runners after the race.  I'm still a little bummed that I won't be running through Cinderella Castle this year, but I've got the World Showcase to look forward to as well as the WDW Half Marathon 2013!

Hope to see some of you there!


  1. You chEAR them on! My husband will also be among them. He is a first timer so it should be fun. By the way- he is from Buffalo. : )

  2. I do this for the Princess Half when following my wife, and fair warning, the Monorail lines get really crazy. I had no problem getting in position the first time, but heading back to Epcot I nearly missed her because of the lines. I even did a blog post about the experience...

    Enjoy the wife is working it as a volunteer:)