Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Magical Train Ride

My two year old loves trains.  In fact, he has two separate train sets that he switches between during the day.  The big one he refers to as his monorail!
Noah with his monorails
So, of course, we had to take Noah on the Walt Disney World Railroad.  The first time Adam took Noah alone.  I pulled a completely selfish moment and ran to register for the testing of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  They went from Main Street to Frontierland where I met up with them.  Not so surprising, Noah didn't want to get off the train.
WDW Railroad Logo
The second time, it was starting to rain so we parked the stroller at the top of the Main Street Train Station - out of the elements - and headed to make the next train. Noah was playing around and having a great time... until he ran, looking back for our approval, and landed face first in the gate.  As soon as the tears started, a WDW Railroad Conductor walked up and saw the crying toddler.  He was a more reserved cast member, but still very friendly and we tried to convince Noah to say hi and his favorite phrase "all aboard" but the tears continued.

The conductor walked back up to us and handed us a "Co-Conductor Card" and when he still didn't cheer up, I explained why he was so upset.  

He already had a bruise showing up in the exact same place of a previous black eye - he could be a stunt man with his falls.  I explained this to the conductor just randomly and he walked away for just a minute.  He walked back and handed us this:

Certificate for a free popcorn

Magic Kingdom Park 
Complimentary popcorn
Reason - other

We at the Magic Kingdom Park, strive to make ever Guest part of our family.  We apologize if any part of your visit is less than Magical.  Please accept the voucher as our thanks for bringing this situation to our attention.  Just present this voucher to a host or hostess at the location described.

We're not big popcorn eaters, but the thought was incredible!  I had no idea they did anything like this.

Of course, the magic didn't stop there.  The conductor invited us to sit in the back with them - there's a special seat for the co-conductor!
Their special seat!
Then, when we arrived at Frontierland, we planned to continue our ride back around, but the conductor let Noah announce "All Aboard!" to the entire train.  Then, he announced Noah as the guest conductor and we were applauded!  Talk about a magical experience!


  1. What a wonderful experience and memory for you all! My 2 year old grandtwins are also enamored by trains right now and love to ride the WDW Railroad!

  2. How sweet! I had no idea there was a spot on the train for a co-conductor! What a special moment with the cast member too.

  3. You know what I love about Disney? This story right here...AMAZING! We are always learning new things and Disney simply has a way to please in even the worst situations. What a wonderful memory.

  4. Great memory, I love that they tried to make it better with the Magic of Disney..

  5. My son skinned his knee late one day on our way to Fantasmic & by the end of the night when he was tired it was hurting him when we returned to PO-FQ. I asked the ladies at the desk if they had a bandage for him & they not only returned with the bandage, but also with a small toy Donald Duck for him. That Donald is one of those priceless memories from how a cast member went above & beyond.

  6. Love the pic of him as the conductor!! Very cool!