Friday, January 6, 2012

Making Good Decisions at the World

I recently heard on a WDW Today podcast a question about Weight Watcher points at the World.

Until Florida enforces a law that all restaurants must have ingredient lists and calories counts, like I've seen in NY, it's highly unlikely for WDW to post calorie counts, making those trying to be strict about counting points or calories nearly impossible.

I've mentioned before that even on vacation, I try to make good decisions about food.  I definitely splurge more, especially during marathon weekend (and/or pregnant!), but that doesn't mean I'm having 2 mickey bars a day.  Maybe 1 a trip - if for nothing more than I like variety and those chocolate covered frozen bananas are not only delicious, but calorie friendly, too!  Many people comment that I'm crazy or that it's vacation so they don't care, but if you're like me and making huge progress, a set back - a week of gaining, can not only set you back a week, but take a hit on your attitude and mentality of dieting.  Plus, being in the  military and have to maintain a specific weight to keep my job, so gaining 5 lbs on vacation is a set back I'm not willing to make!

And, with Weight Watchers, attitudes on food change.  Or, at least that's the goal.  Instead of a diet, it's a lifestyle change.

So, what does that mean when you're at Disney?  Since you can't necessarily choose based on points, you can take what you may have already learned about food and pick wisely.  And, by no means does that mean eating salad all the time.  I love salad, but it doesn't necessarily work for me as a meal at all times (I'll never be a size 2, and I'm okay with that).

Take for example the Lunch Menu at Pecos Bill (courtesy of - the best options:
Veggie burger or the Chicken Wrap.  Caesar Salad is always coated in dressing, cheese, and croutons making what seems healthy to be incredibly high in fat and calories.  Same with taco salad!  And, if you're feeling extra good, choose the apple slices instead of the fries.  Or simply don't eat all of the burger and fries if that's what you want - eat what you want, just think of portion control!  I like to eat a lot, so I generally choose healthier options.  And steal a few fries from my husband!

Craving Mexican?  Try to avoid extra cheesy (I know, my favorite) and lots of chips.  Oh, and alcohol and other beverages loaded with calories (coke has 140 calories in 12 oz. - so if you're like me, you could easily drink down hundreds of calories before you even get your meal!).

And then again, remember you're walking the parks for hours a day and are definitely burning hundreds of calories, so splurging is totally okay!

What's your take on dieting at the parks?  Any other weight watcher lifers like me?

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  1. I think my record for Mickey Premium bars was 3, during a 9 day trip . . .

    I can have salad and consider it a meal, I always ask for dressing on the side, not because of calories but because I hate a salad drowned in dressing.

    At counter service meals, if I am on the dining plan, I get the unsweetened applesauce for dessert. I like how well it is sealed, if I don't want to eat it right away, it can go in my day pack. Haven't had it leak, ever.

    I hate to waste food and throwing it out pains me. While at Disney, if I have gotten a treat and don't want it all, sigh, I will throw it out. Why force down the calories if I am not interested in finishing it.

    Last but not least - water! I do my best to not 'drink' my calories. So skip the sodas and sweetened drinks. Water, water, water. Except at Prime Time Cafe, then you can have a milkshake!