Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stroller Rental - yes, please!

You probably know that we just got back from our Happy Place last Thursday.  Headed down for our now-annual Marathon Weekend trip, Adam signed up Noah and himself to join me in the Family Fiesta 5k.  
Good morning with the 3 Caballeros
Knowing that we generally travel with a Maclaren umbrella stroller, I immediately thought it was time to get to know some of the Orlando companies that rent out strollers.  No way could we run with that thing.  It's great for the parks - light weight, folds well, etc... but to run with?  Nope. With our 2 year old, we didn't need a stroller in the airport, though we brought ours just in case.  It became just another hassle that we had to carry with our luggage.  

So, I reached out contacted the owner of Kingdom Strollers.  I'd heard good things from fellow Disney travelers and was hoping to have a good contact and finally someone to recommend to you, my readers.  Luckily, I now have a great recommendation!  

We were loaned a single Bob Revolution for the week - it's designed for running, but unlike our personal Bob (we have the one most recommended for running), this one was much better for park touring!  I've never even considering traveling with a Bob.  Though Noah has always preferred it, it's simply too big and bulky to travel with.  Plus, the size of it is too much to travel through the parks.

But, the Bob Revolution that we rented?  Smaller - perfect for the 5k and for park touring.  Kingdom Strollers left it at the welcome center at Windsor Hills, where we stayed (again) and we picked it up our first night.  If you're staying on Disney property, they will drop it off with concierge and I'm sure it's a similar process if you're staying in a nearby hotel off property.  We left it in the same place on our way out - easiest return ever!  

We ended up leaving Noah at home for the race - a cold and early morning, we figured we would save our toddler luck for a long day.  Instead, we first used the stroller at the ESPN Wide World of Sports to head to Noah's race.  It unfolded super easily and the tires were fully inflated - a concern I had, considering ours seem to need to be pumped up on a weekly basis.  Noah loved crawling into his Blue stroller and it traveled perfectly through the ESPN WWoS and the parks for a full week.

I should also mention - when we were leaving after our first use, Adam and I were both standing there trying to fold it up.  We've used so many different strollers and every one folds in a different way, that we didn't know where to start.  That's when Adam noticed the handy laminated piece of paper on the side with simplified folding instructions.  Two steps later, it was in the trunk of our car and we were on our way!

Happy as can be with his Dumbo
Another perk of this stroller?  They come complete with a cup holder that holds 2 cups plus a zipper pocket for anything else.  And, unlike our umbrella, the basket is actually big enough to hold everything.  Seriously - our book bag filled with goodies and diapers stayed underneath for the majority of the day.  

So, would I recommend Kingdom Strollers?

Will I rent from them again?

Oh, and pricing?  You should check it out.  For a week with a Citi Mini - not jogging, but a great touring stroller?  $55!  Ours rents at $70 per week, but we did that one thinking we would actually be jogging with it.  And, next year with 2 kids?  Definitely seems worth the investment to rent as opposed to carrying 1 more thing through the airport!

Kingdom Strollers also rents full size cribs (wish I had known about that sooner!) and sell cases of water for very reasonable prices!  We were both fully impressed with our stroller and wish we could trade ours for the Revolution!

I was supplied a stroller at no cost for this review, but all opinions are my own.  


  1. I should have looked into reviewing on of these. I wasn't going to take a stroller, but Ian has slipped back into occasional napping and he's way too big to carry now! I just asked to borrow MY stroller back from my brother. LOL But, this would have been so much simpler - he lives 2 hours away!

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