Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tables in Wonderland

For the past couple of years, we've been traveling to WDW for 2 4-day trips a year.  Every time, I've thought "we should check out Tables in Wonderland" but somehow ignored it.  This time, we're actually going to check it out.  

I should mention - since I'm active duty military from the state of Florida, I'll be a Florida resident until I retire.. of course, I still hope to move to Celebration, so it may never change!

Tables in Wonderland - once known as the Disney Dining Experience - is a special discount for both Florida residents and Annual Pass holders.  For $100 for FL residents and only $75 for AP holders, it offers a 20% discount at nearly every sit down restaurant on property, including several at Downtown Disney.  The pass is valid for 1 full year - if had purchased this in June, we would have easily made up for the cost.  

This time, we'll be there for a week, most likely having at least 1 sit down meal each day for 8 days.  We'll have anywhere from 2-4 adults and most likely 1 kids meal per meal.  Plus, on vacation especially, I love appetizers... so, we'll see!

We'll be saving our receipts to figure out the details - worth it or not for a 1 week trip.

What are your thoughts on these discounts?  Anyone ever tried TiW?


  1. I agree with the comments so far. It works great for us. Plus the 20% off at some of the bars is nice too.

  2. We have Kouzzina for 3 adults and 1 kid, Le Cellier for 2/1, and more for 4/2, so I think we'll break even! Thanks for the input!

  3. The break even for #Disney Tables in Wonderland is $400. If you spend that much on food at sit downs then you will do fine. Also make sure to look into some other places you can use it. For example Flame Tree BBQ in the Animal Kingdom and Artist Palette at Saratoga.

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  5. We do Tables in Wonderland and the savings can be pretty big when you add it all up at the end of the year. In a nutshell it takes care of the tip, because once you use it they automatically add 20% gratuity, but a couple visits to Citrico's or the one big blowout dinner at Victoria & Alberts, and you've made your money back. If you're going to be doing table service all the time and plan on visiting more than once a year it can be worth it.