Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Friends at Disney

When my friend Melissa and I started writing this blog, we were days away from our first time we ever visited Walt Disney World together.  Even after years of friendship and park touring, we had somehow never taken a joint trip.  We knew that with our long distance friendship (VA/LA), that we would probably see each other for a couple of days every few years - what I love is that now we're sharing that friendship with our babies.

Our first trip together, June 2010, we took this fun picture together:
Piper - 1 year, Noah - 6 months
Other than photos, skype, and occasionally saying hello while Mellie and I are talking, these two really didn't know each other at all.  Luckily, they're both incredibly sweet and outgoing children.  We finally met up with them in the lobby of the All Star Movies Resort for lunch - and this is what happened:

They held hands and walked to get lunch together.

Absolute sweetness.  They played together for our 1 mutual park day and they still ask for each other.  No clue when we'll all be together again, but I love that we have fun memories to share from our days together!
Waiting to enter the Magic Kingdom!

Meeting the Fairy Godmother

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  1. So sweet! I, too, have a long distance friend that loves WDW as much as I do. I'm in IN and she is in MA. After 2 years straight of JUST missing each other at WDW, our trips for next year are finally overlapping! So, we will get to experience it together with our kids (we both have 2 kids that are roughly the same ages)! I can't wait!

  2. Adorable pictures. And what a great way to spend time with friends!

  3. I completely relate! My best friend and I meet in Disney every year usually in the Fall. Our kids knew each oither from when they were but don't see each otheregularly. Combined we now have 6 kids and other than our sons, no men are allowed on our trip! We have the greatest time bc as moms andcompatibletraveling buddies we understand that at some point 1 of 6 or any combo of 6 kids will have a break down, someone is always hungry and. At least one is upset about what ride we are on! We love it and in the end everyone gets to see the characters they wanted, everybody's ride wish list is done and we have great memories!

  4. I look forward to doing that one day too. It seems so fun.

  5. I can totally relate to this Jenn. While my BFF and I live in the same area Disney World is a place where we always vacation together. So sweet! I just love the way your kiddos are together. :0)