Monday, February 20, 2012

Bye, Bye Naptime..

At 25 months, Noah visited the Walt Disney World Resort for the 4th time.  Every one of these trips has been completely different, except that we've had so much fun each time.

How can you not take a pic of that?
With that said, Noah has never been much of a sleeper.  In fact, he was that one baby in the hospital that the nurses asked us to walk around to wake up the other sleeping babies.  Yup, that's our boy.  Luckily, thanks to some amazing sleep training and, later on, wanting to do what the other kids are doing at school, he's become a great night sleeper and a decent napper.  Weekend naps have always been hit or miss - not the 2 hours he takes at daycare, but usually an hour or so.

18 months
We weren't sure what a trip at 25 months would be like.  We figured with me being 6 months pregnant that we would probably head back to the house for naps most days, but I was hopeful that he would occasionally crash in his stroller.  Even 6 months before, he took a few stroller naps.  Of course, that trip we stayed at the Grand Floridian and heading back for nap time was incredible easy.

This trip wouldn't be as easy.  Our flight in, he crashed in his car seat for about.. 10 minutes.  Did I mention he's never been much of a sleeper?  We arrived on Thursday and didn't start in the parks until Sunday, so we had good house naps Friday and Saturday.  Sunday around nap time, we were strolling the parks with our favorite travel buddies and Noah had his playmate, Piper, to keep entertained.  But Piper is different - if she's tired, she sleeps.  In fact, while our husbands rode Space Mountain, Mellie and I took our 2 year olds on a peaceful trip on the TTA/Wedway/Peoplemover. During that short trip, Piper curled up and said "I'm going to take a rest."  Seriously one of the funniest things I've ever heard from a child!  

But Noah?  No.  That's not his style!  In fact, when we tipped his stroller seat back in hopes of him falling asleep, he held himself up so he could still see out and around him.  So, while Piper took a great 45 minute nap, Noah continued to be Noah and take in the sights.  Being our only day in the parks with them, we didn't take our daily nap break.  

So, how did that change our days?  Well, we definitely couldn't utilize our Soarin' Fastpass after our dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel.  By 7 p.m. we were all exhausted and ready to get back.   We said goodbye to our friends, departing the next morning, and took the 5 minute drive back to our house.  

Since we've been back home, nap times have yet to become regular again - naps at day care have been great, but at home?  Not so much.  We did promise him last weekend if he napped for two hours that we would let him ride on the monorail, which he had been asking to ride all morning.  An hour and a half later, we were worried about catching an afternoon flight when he woke up.  

We learned that our 2 year old can function decently well without a nap..  Not our favorite way or the best option for a great day, but if it happens, we'll make out okay as long as he gets to bed on time!  And for now, that's the best we can do!


  1. Jenn my third child Lucas is the same way. He can go without a nap...even We did find that we needed to go back quite a bit on our last trip but not sure if that is because we were all sick. Can't wait to see how it goes on our next trip in September. :0) I hate to say goodbye to naps. :0(

  2. Not to rub it in, but little man sleeps great. But at the parks it was a different story. Like Noah, he wanted to look around. We comprimised and did what you did, if you can get him to sleep at least get him to slow down. TTA is perfect for that.

  3. I'm working on a Disney Water Parks Mini Scrapbook.

  4. No sitting back on TTA - he can see the cars! he's just a nut, so we called it a night around 7 every night!